Course: Creating Backgrounds

Creating Backgrounds

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About this Course

This class is about how to create backgrounds. First, I will give you some tips of how this or that background was created, giving you good examples coming from the game Resident Evil Remake. I comment on the videos, but this game is a bridge of what I consider to be games and static images. Then, as the videos go on, I give more examples to reiterate the tips that I already gave to you and go deeper on the analysis of that specific background. So, shall we begin?

Basic knowledge

A piece of paper and composition, vanishing points, perspectives and other basics concepts.

What you will learn

Be able to improve their repertoire of great backgrounds and be inspire to make their own, at least.

Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 00:44:12
  • Introduction  
Creating backgrounds
  • Intro  
  • Resident Evil Remake  
  • Details  
  • Layers  
  • Angles  
To sum it up
  • Summing it up  
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