Course: Creating Compositions

Creating Compositions

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About this Course

This class is about how to create compositions. First, I will give you a step by step of how to start a composition, like the rule of the third for both the position for the objects and for the value scale, the overlap and the mess. Then, I will try to give more generic tips of how to construct them, like the basic foreground, mid-ground and background division, and the flip horizontally technique. So, ready to begin?

Basic knowledge
  • Just the will to learn, since I teach a step by step, at least at first, about very basic concepts. Then, for last, I teach a few tips that I know concept art artists use when creating something
What you will learn
  • Be able to improve their repertoire of great compositions and be inspire to make their own, at least
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 00:53:21
  • Introduction  
Creating compositions
  • Knowing what to draw and creating a story  
  • Size and aspect ratio  
  • Rule of the third  
  • Overlap and mess  
  • Value scale  
  • Details and atmosphere  
  • Final tips  
To sum it up
  • Summing it up  
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