Course: GIMP 2.8/2.10 Intermediate: Free Graphic Design Software

GIMP 2.8/2.10 Intermediate: Free Graphic Design Software

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Go Beyond the Basics

In this course we go beyond the basics of producing a simple book cover using the GIMP as introduced in my course "GIMP for Beginners: Design Free Book Covers: Self-publishing". The intermediate course material provided here should propel you're GIMP graphics to the next level.

Learn Tips and Techniques for Advanced Text Handling

  • Learn my favorite techniques when it comes to formatting text for presentation on the web. Whether its a book cover, album cover, web graphic, or logo, I'll show you the techniques required to make your images shine.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who have successfully completed my "Using the GIMP to Produce Professional Quality Book Covers"
Basic knowledge
  • A PC or Mac on which to run the GIMP
  • A basic understanding of the GIMP
What you will learn
  • Expand our knowledge of the GIMP to produce superior images
  • Take you book cover creation knowledge to the next level
  • Learn how to use the GIMP to produce a variety of web graphics
Number of Lectures: 70
Total Duration: 06:40:38
  • Course Overview (2018 Version)  
GIMP Setup
  • Introduction to GIMP Setup  
  • GIMP Installation  
  • Windows 10 Configuration  
  • Make GIMP 2.10 Look Like GIMP 2.8  
  • GIMP Window Layout and Theme Configuration  
  • GIMP Window Layout Reconstruction  
  • GIMP Setup Section Workshop  
  • GIMP Setup Section Project  
  • Conclusion to GIMP Setup  
Text and Text Effects
  • Introduction to Text and Text Effects  
  • Simple Text Configuration  
  • Outlining and Drop Shadows to Make Text Pop  
  • Shadowed Text, Shadowed Boxes and Ghost Writing  
  • Text to Image Effects  
  • Preview: Text Layer Mask Effect  
  • Text and Text Effects Section Workshop  
  • Text and Text Effects Section Project  
  • Conclusion to Text and Text Effects  
  • Introduction to Layers  
  • Simple Layers  
  • Layer Groups  
  • Layer Opacity and Colorizing a Layer  
  • Layers Section Workshop  
  • Layers Section Project  
  • Conclusion to Layers  
  • Introduction to Selection  
  • Text Selection  
  • Simple and Color Selection  
  • Adding and Subtracting to and from Selections  
  • Zooming and Lassoing an Image  
  • Selection Section Workshop  
  • Selection Section Project  
  • Conclusion to Selection  
Image Manipulation
  • Introduction to Image Manipulation  
  • Resizing Images  
  • Clone Tool  
  • Conclusion to Image Manipulation  
Colored Boxes
  • Intrdocution to Colored Boxes  
  • Colored Box Designs  
  • Colored Boxes to Make Text Pop  
  • Simple Gradients and Opacity  
  • Drop Shadows and Outlines  
  • Conclusion to Colored Boxes  
Layer Masks
  • Introduction to Layer Masks  
  • Blending Images Using Layer Masks  
  • Layer Masks and Text  
  • Layer Masks Section Workshop  
  • Conclusion to Layer Masks  
  • Introduction to Paths  
  • Outlining Text  
  • Circular Text  
  • Text Along a Path  
  • Conclusion to Paths  
Intermediate GIMP
  • Intermediate GIMP - Outlining and Drop Shadows to Make Text Pop  
  • Blending Image Layers Using Layer Masks and Opacity  
  • Using Smeared Red Backgrounds to Highlight Text  
  • Zooming in and Lassoing an Image  
  • Adding, Subtracting, Inverting, and Undoing Color Selections  
  • Constructing and Deconstructing Logos  
  • Using the Clone Tool to Fix Images  
  • Applying Filters  
  • A Colored Butterfly Amongst a Black and White Garden  
Continuing Education
  • Continuing Education - Shadowed Text, Shadowed Boxes and Ghost Writing  

    Learn a few really nice techniques for making your texts and boxes pop and for adding an eerie effect with ghost writing.

  • GIMP Window Configuration  
  • Continuing Education - Circular Text  

    In this lecture we examine how to write text along a circular path.

  • Colorizing a Layer  

    A student contacted me wanting to know how to change the color of a pillow in an image to blue, red, yellow ... This lecture shows the use of the Colorizing Tool to change the hue of a layer and how to copy & paste a portion of an image.

  • Continuing Education - Layer Groups  

    In this lecture we use a layer group to group two layers together. A layer group allows you to treat multiple layers as if they were merged while still being able to act on each layer individually.

  • Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns  
  • Smooth Merging of Multiple Images  

    In this lecture we'll use layer masks and black and white color gradients to smoothly merge multiple images into one.

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