Course: My Artwork Process: Vector Character

My Artwork Process: Vector Character

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About this Course

This class is for everybody that still don't know how to begin to develop his/her personal style, so I presented my own way to draw with the main objective to inspire you! Only this time, I will use only vectors, on Adobe Illustrator. The steps are: concept, sketch, outline, colors, shadows and light yellow. Let's draw!

Basic knowledge

To have Adobe Illustrator installed your computer/notebook. Here, I work on CS6. Other than that, just the will to learn how I do it.

What you will learn

Get to known my method of working with vector characters.

Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 00:46:24
  • Introduction  
My artwork process: vector character
  • First step: concept  
  • Second step: sketch, outline and shadows (just the outline)  
  • Third step: colors  
  • Fourth step: shadows  
  • Fifth step: complements  
  • Sixth step: light yellow  
  • Example  
To sum it up
  • Summing it up  
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