Course: Beginners Meditation - Module 1

Beginners Meditation - Module 1

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About this Course

There are many people in the world who know meditation would be good for them - but are overwhelmed on where to start. Buddhist mediation, Hindu meditation, breathing meditation, Insight meditation, tantric meditation - the list is endless (and confusing)

This course (taught by a scientifically minded person), breaks down the KEY ELEMENTS that are common to all teachings - so you learn the very essence of meditation and how to do it. 

Step by step and easy to follow the course will give you an clear understanding of what meditation is, the psychology behind why it works and how to do it. 

Included are lecture on how to meditate and guided meditations that you can download to your phone to play during your own meditation practice. 

Think back to the last time stress caused you to explode with anger and frustration or sink down into depression and anxiety. Don't let this happen again - Start this course now.

Who this course is for:

  • People interested in meditation
  • Anyone confused by the huge variety of meditations available
  • Beginner meditators
Basic knowledge
  • Will need access to computer and internet connection
  • It would be helpful to have a phone or mp3 player to download meditation audios
What you will learn
  • Meditate each day
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety and other negative emotions
  • Understand how the mind works in relation to meditation
  • Know the essential elements common to all good meditation practice 
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 02:02:14
Getting Started
  • Introduction  

    This introduction will run you through what we are planning to teach you in this comprehensive course. 

  • Setting Intention  

    Setting our intention for this course is a great way to put everything in perspective - and a great meditation in itself.

The Theory of Meditation
  • The Three Foundations  

    In this video we look at the 3 foundations of technique. wisdom and open-heartedness and we discuss why all 3 of these foundations need to be developed together.

  • The Two Tools  

    In this lesson we discuss the two main tool (mindfulness and introspection) that a meditator has to work on his mind and strengthen the three foundations. 

  • The Different Types of Meditation in the World  

    In this lesson we discuss the different types of meditation that you will see in the world and make a big distinction between the most common meditations (guided) and the more pure meditation (single pointed). Both are useful and we should try to balance our practice.

  • What Meditation is Not  

    In this lesson we discuss some of the common misunderstandings that people might have around meditation so that we can be clear in what we are hoping to achieve. 

  • Escapism vs Real Life  

    In this lesson we talk about how people use meditation. Some people love to meditate to get away from their daily stresses. But how much more powerful would it be to use meditation to actively work with those stressors during meditation so they cease to disturb you in real life. 

How to Meditate
  • Where and When to Meditate  

    Where is the best place to meditate and when is the best time to do it? These questions are answered in this lesson. 

  • How to Sit  

    Now we know where and when to sit - we are ready to start. And what is the first thing you need to do? Sit, of course. In this lesson we cover the main sitting postures used for meditation. 

  • Distraction - The Main Obstacle  

    In this lesson we start with the one main obstacle you will be battling with in meditation - distraction. We discuss how it can come in many forms and how when we try to fight it, it gets stronger. 

  • Meditation on the Breath  

    In this lesson we look at moving the meditation object from the body to the breath. For a lot of people this will allow for a more peaceful and calming meditation although it can sometimes be more difficult to maintain concentration on the breath. 

  • Walking Meditation  

    In this lesson we take a look at doing walking meditation - a great way for people who find it hard to keep still while sitting to start their practice. And of course the great thing is that we can now practice meditation whenever we are going places. 

  • Guided Meditations  

    In this lesson we talk about the benefits of doing guided meditations as opposed to single object meditation. We recommend doing a mixture of the easier guided meditations and the single object meditation which are harder but help strengthen our practice.

  • Stages of the Path (Part 1)  

    In this discussion we talk about the stages that a meditator will go through as he or she deepens their practice. The benefits of knowing where you are at in your meditation journey and what lies ahead of you is both useful and very motivating. So enjoy this discussion on the deeper levels of meditation.

  • Stages of the Path (Part 2)  

    In this discussion we continue on with the discussion on the stages of the path. See how at each level of our deepening meditation practice we get different benefits from the practice and also face different challenges. 

  • Conclusion  

    Thank you for your dedication and I trust you enjoyed the course. This course was designed to cover the basics for setting up a meditation practice. To deepen your meditation practice further, you will need to study the proper technique of meditation. I have spend over 30 years studying different meditations around the world and there are commonalities across many meditation traditions. And it was these techniques that have helped me go from a novice to a good meditator. 

    These Techniques are explained in the next module of this course: Meditation Technique: Module 2

    Additionally, we are looking for mediation leaders to run meditation groups around the world. If you are interested in running your own meditation group in your community, please also contact us via:

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