Course: Guided Meditation - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Guided Meditation - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

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About this Course

Guided Meditation - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners is an introductory meditation course, taking students into the basic a basic approach to the experience relaxation, healing and mindfulness.

Each section will focus on real-life challenges we all face. Four different guided meditations will be presented, to help reduce stress, alleviate an overactive mind, heal unwanted emotions, and addresses issues related to family. 

This is not a 'how-to' class. It's experiential. These are guided mediations taking you into the deeper parts of your being, to teach you how your internal meditative process works.

Through course lectures, you will come away with a clear understanding of what guided meditation is and how it can transform the very essence of your being. In addition, the meditations will provide profound experiences to aligning you with the very person you are meant to be.

Course material will be presented through video lecture, text summaries, homework contemplations, and guided meditations. Students will come away feeling better, with a profound sense of inner awareness and expanded consciousness.

Here's what scientific research is telling us about meditation. Meditation promotes numerous health benefits including:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Regulating emotions
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Increasing empathy, compassion and emotional intelligence
  • Slowing the aging process

What students are saying:

I'm doing a couple of Joseph Drumheller courses and he's a really fantastic teacher. His approach is very genuine and authentic. He spent many years providing support to terminally ill cancer patients. Highly recommended. Phil Strong

Your delivery was warm and natural and your sincerity and love of meditation shines through. I can see how much work has gone into this course and I'm sure it will reach and help many, many, many people. It's so nice to 'meet' someone with very similar views on meditation and an approach to teaching that chimes with my own. I wish you every success! Linda Hall

"Joseph Drumheller's practical, earthy approach to meditation, along with his soothing voice and approachability provide a comfortable place to begin a new practice or gain deeper insights to those more established. Speaking as a lifelong meditator myself, I recommend his work.” Judy Blackwell

I will say that the main thing I look for is someone in such a course is that they exude calm, and joy....and you do......and that they look trustworthy, good energy when you look at their eyes.... when they speak....and you do…  Marika Marks

Very informative about getting started at home meditation. I am excited to dive into Joseph’s course!  

Kari Moore

Basic knowledge
  • No experience necessary. However, you must have a passionate desire to learn how to relax, heal and expand your awareness
What you will learn
  •  The art of DEEP RELAXATION
  •  Guided meditations to help QUIET AN OVERACTIVE MIND
  •  Guided meditation technique RELEASE INHIBITING EMOTIONS and repeating patterns that accompany them
  •  Guided meditations addressing the deeper aspects of FAMILY INFLUENCES
  • Students will receive a summary EBOOK as a gift in thanks for taking my course
Number of Lectures: 16
Total Duration: 01:23:21
  • Introduction for Guided Meditation - The Ultimate Guide for Beginners  

    Introduction to the course.

What is Meditation? Deep Relaxation
  • What is Meditation? Deep Relaxation.  

    A lecture on what meditation is.

  • Summary - What is Meditation? Deep Relaxation.  

    A summary of What is Meditation? Deep Relaxation is attached to the resources of this lecture.

  • Meditation - Progressive Relaxation  

    A meditation of Progressive Relaxation.

  • Assignment - Deep Relaxation Meditation  

    A deep relaxation exercise.

    Use the relaxation mediation in this section every day for the next five days before going on to the next section. This will start training your mind to go into 'the zone’.

  • Thoughts  

    Students will be introduced to the nature of the thinking mind and how to effectively deal with it during meditation.

  • Summary - Thoughts  

    A summary of Thoughts is attached to the resources of this lecture.

  • Meditation - The Curious Mind  

    A meditation called The Curious Mind, to effectively deal with thoughts and emotions during meditation.

  • Assignment - Contemplating Thoughts  

    A brief exercise reflecting on the influence of conscious thought.

    Assignment Instructions

    Take some time to sit and contemplate. Simply pay attention to your negative thoughts. See if you can write down three. Then write three new positive ones to replace them.

    (Ideas: I could never have that much money. Rich people are mean. No one like that would ever want someone like me. I could never be in that kind of physical shape. etc., etc., etc.)

  • Emotions  

    In this section, students will be introduced to the concept of suppressed emotion from the past and then be guided through one meditation technique to release them.

  • Summary - Emotions  

    A summary on Emotions is attached to the resources of this lecture.

  • Meditation - The Flower  

    A meditation symbolic meditation technique, using visualization of a flower.

  • Assignment - The Verification Sheet  

    The verification sheet is a cause and effect verification tool to show what we are doing in mediation is actually working.

    Assignment Instructions

    Fill out the verification sheet, attached as a resource in the next lecture, several days after you begin using the flower meditation. The is verification that will increase your awareness to the cause and effect relationship in meditation.

  • Verification Sheet  

    Download the attached Verification Sheet and use it for the assignment.

  • Family  

    Students will learn the enormous impact our immediate families have on our subconscious conditioning and be guided through one meditation technique to heal a family core issue.

  • Summary - Family  

    Summary of the video lecture

  • Meditation - Age Regression  

    A meditation to heal a family issue by delving into the past.

  • Ebook Gift  

    A summary ebook of the entire course. My way of saying thanks!

  • The Purpose of Meditation  

    A fireside chat discussing The Purpose of Meditation.

  • Assignment - Family Contemplation  

    A contemplation exercise discovering how family interaction affects emotional states, the physical body, decision making, and behavior.

    Assignment Instructions

    Take a few moments to sit and contemplate. Think of the last time you were together with your immediate family. Holidays are a great place to start. 

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