Course: Technique Meditation - Intermediate - Module 2

Technique Meditation - Intermediate - Module 2

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About this Course

In this course (which follows on from my Beginners Mediation Course) you will learn the Essential Technique which has been taught for thousands of years and been used by all the successful yogis to deepen their mediation. It is simple but effective and it is what helped me to finally deepen my own practice after years of searching.

The course is not a new or fancy short cut that some people promise - (and none of these worked for me anyway) - but the tried and tested techniques that have worked since the time of the Buddha. The do require effort and persistence - but then, what things that are worthwhile don't?

More than just the technique however I have included modern scientific information about the brain and nervous system (and how they work) that gives evidence based backing for these teachings to help you feel more certain and motivated about mediation and what it can do for you. 

The course consists of 13 lectures (ranging from 10min to 30min each) along with guided meditations and other resources where applicable.

Who this course is for:

  • People who have tried meditation - but are so far not having the success they would like
  • This course is for beginners that want to take their practice to the next level
  • BUT... this course does take some effort - so don't expect results if you aren't prepared to do the practice!
Basic knowledge
  • It is recommended to take my Beginners Mediation course - Module 1 first
What you will learn
  • Use the proper technique to deepen meditation
  • And.. understand why this process works
  • Be able to put this technique into practice on a daily basis
  • Notice when obstacles are coming up
  • And ... employ antidotes to stop them 
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 02:06:19
About this course
  • Introduction  

    Hello and welcome to this course on Meditation Technique. Although this course can be viewed and understood by itself, it has been created as a follow on to my Beginners Meditation - Module 1 teachings.  In this lesson we give you an overview of what we are trying to achieve in module 2 relative to module 1 and 3.

  • Four Foundations Of Mindfulness  

    In this lesson we take a look at the foundational structure with which meditation has been taught with for over 2500 years. If people have been finding this structure of practice useful for that long - it must be good. 

  • Different Types of Meditation  

    There are many, many different meditations out there - and in this lecture, I talk about one way to understand and organize the different meditations which I believe will be very helpful to you when it comes time to to choose which meditation to do for the day. 

The Science Of Meditation
  • The Nervous System  

    The body is the base for the mind. And in particular the Nervous system is the physical basis for the mind. It can affect the way we think profoundly so it is very helpful to know some basics about how it works.

  • The Three Brains  

    Did you know your body has at least 3 brains? Its is true! And further to our discussion on the nervous system we also want to talk about the 3 brains of your body.

  • Catalyst Documentary on Meditation  

    This TV documentary was just another great story on the latest science regarding the benefits of meditation to the brain. It explains a little more about how meditation might we working at a neurological level and give clear evidence on how it can improve this such as memory, focus and other brain functions.

Meditation Techniques
  • Mindfulness of Feelings  

    Meditation on feelings is the second foundation of mindfulness. By being aware of the feelings that lie within the body we will begin to understand the mind at a deeper level and therefore progress in our meditation practice. 

    Being aware of feelings is also one of the best "red flags" to tell us when our mind is becoming distracted. 

  • Main Technique with Breathing Meditation  

    Now it is time to dive back into the technique of mediation where we discuss the key to developing strong powers of mindfulness, clarity and intensity. We gradually increase the workload of the mind to be come ever more concentrated on the breath. * select a point to concentrate at

    * Visualise the 3 colours of the breath

    * Become aware of the 9 parts of a single breath

    * Start counting the breath

    * Be aware of where you are up to in your counting whilst doing all of the above

    * And finally take a mini break to let the mind relax and re-fresh. 

  • Summary of Technique  

    Because the understanding of proper technique is so important I have once again summarized these instructions in this video and in a handy table you can print out - In the resources section.

  • Motivation is the Key  

    It would not surprise me if you might be feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. That is why is is critical to stay highly motivated as you work through this part of the course. Are there are lots of ways you can stay motivated.

    Link to more videos 

    4 ways to motivate yourself 

    Procrastination to motivation

    Stickk to your practice

  • Open Hearted Meditations  

    Another important way to keep motivated is to maintain a set of positive emotions. So it is important to mix in meditations on positive emotions whenever you notice the negative feeling dominating too much. 

Dealing with Obstacles
  • Obstacles to Meditation  

    In this video we discuss the 6 obstacles that you will come across in your meditation practice. 

  • Calming the mind vs Pacification of the mind  

    As you begin to advance in your meditation practice you will eventually get to a stage where you can remain on the meditation object for long periods of time - and therefore calm the mind. The next step is to pacify the mind - so in this lecture we discuss the two. (Note that Pacification of the mind is the main subject of Module 3 of this course).

  • Antidotes  

    Now that we have talked about what the Obstacles are, lets talk about all the things you can do both during and before your mediation practice to overcome these hindrances.

  • Conclusion to Module 2  

    Congratulations on getting to the end of module 2. Here we summarize what we learned in module 2 and discuss a little bit about module 3 and find out if you are interested in running your own community meditation group.

    Run Your Own Meditation Group:

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