Course: You Can Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs About Yourself

You Can Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs About Yourself

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About this Course

Virtually everyone has dreams and desires, or their inner greatness, within them that they would like to achieve, but many question whether they have the ability to achieve those dreams and desires. They lack the confidence in themselves and their abilities to believe that their dreams and desires are achievable. They often think that their dreams and desires are just wishful fantasies that can’t be realistically achieved. In order to achieve your dreams and desires, you must realize that you have the capability to achieve them, you have the greatness within you to achieve those dreams and desires. 

In this course we work through the things that probably are holding you back and then teach you sound principles to apply daily that will help you discover the potential that lies within you. We'll learn about proper, effective goal setting, how to address and then end your fears. 

Basic knowledge
  • You will need to know your "WHY". When you finish this course you will have the necessary tools to help you understand your "Why". Why are you here. Why don't you feel complete. Why aren't where you want to be in life. And you will have the tools and the blueprint to make adjustments in your life to get there. To become what you know you can be!
What you will learn
  • When you finish the course and endeavor to implement the changes in your life you will have a greater understanding of yourself and your true potential
Number of Lectures: 37
Total Duration: 02:58:04
Introduction - Why is it So Hard to Find Your Inner Greatness?
  • Introduction  
How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs
  • How To Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs  
  • Self-Appreciation and Self-Worth  
  • How Are You Different From Others?  
You Have Greatness Within You
  • Jump Ship and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone  
  • How Do We Gain A Better Understanding of Ourselves?  
  • Therefore, We All Have Greatness Within Us  
How to Develop Self-Awareness
  • How to Develop Self-Awareness  
  • Effort and Commitment – Is It Worth It  
  • Journaling and Success – Are They Related  
How To Build Self-Esteem
  • What Makes Up Your Self-Esteem  
  • Wherever You Spend Your Time  
  • Which Has More Value?  
How To End Your Fears
  • The Answer is to Overcome Your Fears  
  • "The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Fear Itself"  
  • The Samurai Code  
  • Fear Setting  
  • Taking Chances  
  • A Complete Guide to Social Anxiety eBook  
How to Harness the Power of Your Thoughts
  • It's All About Achieving Your Dreams  
  • So, What Are Your Excuses?  
  • Let's See What You Can Accomplish in 5 Minutes  
  • The Lesson of the Tortoise  
  • Positive Thinking and Determination - Real and Essential  
Goal Setting and How That Helps You Find Your Inner Greatness
  • Let's First Look at BAD Goal Setting  
  • Now Let's Write a GOOD Goal  
  • Don't Get Too Ambitious Right Away  
  • Maybe Goal Setting is Like a Computer Game  
  • What Is the Basis of All Goals?  
  • The Blueprint  
  • Tell Me a Story  
  • Dreaming in Images  
  • Downloads for Goal Setting Lectures  
The Law of Attraction
  • Be at Peace With Your Decisions  
  • The Half-Glass Full and Positive People  
  • Take a Pause  
  • Thoughts and Dreams  
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