Course: Learn the Art and Science of PCB Design with Eagle

Learn the Art and Science of PCB Design with Eagle

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About this Course

If electronics is your passion, read out!!!

  • Are you electronics hobbyist?
  • Are you a student studying electronics for the first time?
  • Are you crazy to know about all those open source schematics on the internet and wonder how these are designed?

This course is about learning circuit design with Autodesk Eagle, which is the most popular design tool used by millions of people around the world. If you've ever came across any open source hardware like Arduino, its designed with eagle, if you've seen those crazy nice modules and kits developed by Sparkfun, they're designed with eagle. Eagle has became de-facto language of the PCB design in the open source world and thereby in the industry.

Moreover, eagle is free for small project size and for the professionals who are serious about using eagle for job/business, the premium packages of eagle are also the cheapest among all other tools compared to the features it offers

This course deals with eagle from a complete newbee's point of view. I am assuming that you've never created any PCB on computer before, or not created pcb at all :), you're still welcome to join this course and see for yourself.

You'll design your first PCB within 20 minutes of enrolling to the course

With more than 10 years of experience of teaching circuit design to thousands of students from age 10 to 60, you can count on me that I know my subject well. Join now to start designing PCB's for your hobby project or for your next tech-startup

Happy Learning!!!

Basic knowledge
  • Be interested and willing to learn Electronics Printed Circuit Board Design
  • Have access to a computer (Any OS)
  • Active Internet connection
  • Basic Understanding of electronics components like resistors, capacitors, leds and ICs
What you will learn
  • Learn Circuit design and PCB Design with the most powerful and most widely used tool Eagle!
  • Be able to create single and double sided PCB Designs
  • Understand Eagle for PCB Design
  • Understand Gerber file and export gerber file for production
  • Be an awesome electronics designer in very low time!!!
  • Order online PCBs for the designs you create
Number of Lectures: 26
Total Duration: 02:56:46
  • Introduction to Course  

    Introduction to the course

  • Basics of Printed Circuit Board (Important)  
Software Installation and Creating First project
  • Eagle Software Installation  
  • Creating Project With Eagle  
Library and Schematic
  • Creating Schematic With Eagle  
  • Eagle Installing External Libraries  
Single Sided PCB Design
  • Create First SIngle Sided PCB with Eagle  
  • Adding Name and Labels to Eagle Schematics  
Creating PCB Project
  • Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 1  
  • Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 2  
  • Microcontroller PCB Project with Eagle Part 3  
Copper Pour
  • Adding Copper Pour to Eagle PCB  
Double Sided PCB Design
  • Double Sided PCB Design with Eagle  
  • Eagle Create Custom Library Part 1  
  • Eagle Create Custom Library Part 2  
  • Eagle Create Custom Library Part 3  
All about SMT Components
  • Surface Mount Devices in Eagle  
  • SMT and Double Sided PCB Design  
  • SMT based Schematic (FTDI Project)  
Using Autorouter (Cheating the Software!!!)
  • Use Autorouter for single sided PCB  
  • Use Autorouter for Double sided PCB  
Manufacturing Guide
  • Print a Single Sided PCB  
  • Gerber File Extraction  
  • Generate Bill Of Materials  
  • Conclusion  
Create A Custom Part In Eagle
  • Create Symbol Using Eagle  

    Create custom part in Eagle with Symbol and its PCB Foot print, for any such component for which a library is not present, you can create your own library symbol and PCB package for it.

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