Electrical Power For Everyone

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Electrical Power For Everyone - You can be a hero in your home

Hello, I`m Michael

Welcome to my course “Electrical Power For Everyone” 

A course in which you will learn basic repairs of electrical installations and electrical equipment. 

So what are you going to learn from this course ? 

  • Connecting wires (cables). 
  • How to change the electric plug. 
  • How to change of the electric   socket from single to double. 
  • Installation of the electric   socket single. 
  • How to install a electrical   socket if you have two cable in electrical box. 
  • How to install a electrical   socket if you have more than two cable in electrical box. 
  • Connection of two electric   socket. 
  • How to connect of a unipolar   (single with one button) light switch. 
  • How to repair the light switch   torn from the wall. 
  • How to repair the electric   socket torn from the wall.

I inviting you to participate in this course. 

Best regards, 


Basic knowledge
  • Only listening and repeating lessons
  • Men and women which using places (for example home, flat or office) where are electricity and electrical devices

What will you learn
  • Repair defects in electrical installations and electrical devices
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 10 Total Duration: 01:14:50
Emma Guest – September 18, 2019

The course is really detailed and useful for a beginner such as myself would recommend this course.