Judie's Story - A Decluttering and Organizing Life-Transforming Journey

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  • Certificate on Completion
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Watch two professional organizers in action helping Judie declutter and organize her entire apartment.

Episodes included are:

  • Part 1: Meet Judie
  • Part 2: The Kitchen
  • Part 3: The Closet + The Bathroom
  • Part 4: The Storage
  • Part 5: The Bedroom
  • Part 6: The Living Room
  • Part 7: 5 Weeks Later
  • Part 8: Judie’s Reflections
  • Bonus Episode 1: 8 Months Later
  • Bonus Episode 2: Time Management
  • Bonus Episode 3: Finances
  • Bonus Episode 4: Guided Tour with Judie 

Judie was ready for change and she reached out for help. We were very fortunate to be able to facilitate that change for her.

Judie is a very brave person and she allowed us to record all the sessions we did with her.

She wants to inspire and empower others to take action and reach out for help if required.

We have created an 8 part mini-series where you will be able to see the process, her struggles, her wins, and the amazing transformation that she created in her spaces and her life.

It’s not very usual to be able to invite you into such an intimate process, but we believe that by sharing, many others will feel empowered to get started and reach out for help if they feel stuck.

We were able to capture very beautiful moments. We are sure you will enjoy this series. 

If you are interested in diving deeper into decluttering and organizing your life make sure you check our other courses.

Basic knowledge
  • Any person looking to see a visual process of decluttering
  • Any person wanting to see a whole apartment declutter and organize
  • This is an 8 part mini-series (+ 4 bonus episodes) where you can see how we helped Judie transform her cluttered apartment into a very nice and functional living space
  • You need to be ready to watch a real story as it happened
  • Be open minded to new ideas
  • Be respectful about Judie's feelings and emotions. (She shares a LOT)

What will you learn
  • Watch a real story as it happened
  • Understand challenges and the method followed
  • Get inspired and empowered to take action
  • Get motivated to be able to get started decluttering and organizing your own home
  • There is a lot of LOVE and INTENTION put into the creation of these episodes.  We hope you enjoy this series!
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 14 Total Duration: 04:31:31

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