Course: Raising the Performance of Your Workforce - Free Short Course

Raising the Performance of Your Workforce - Free Short Course

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About this Course

Do you have low performers in your workforce? Of course you do, every organization does.

Take this short course for free and find out how to measure the dollar value of performance, how to turn this into an analytic and move the needle up on how much your workforce contributes to the bottom line.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of organizational people systems may be helpful
What you will learn
  • Determine if employees are earning their paycheck or losing you money every day
  • Defining high performance and low performance and assign a dollar figure
  • Decide what leaders need to know to help you track employee value
Number of Lectures: 3
Total Duration: 00:14:52
Ways to Measure the Economic Value of Employees
  • Three Ways to Put Performance In Perspective  

    It is difficult to measure performance without these perspectives. Take a look to determine the value of typical work behaviors and skills.

People are Assets. What leaders can do to get top performance.
  • Internal promotions and development planning- Demanding top performance.  

    Supervisors are the ones who watch performance the closest. They need guidance to hold people accountable for high value work.

Why Training is One Common Solution and Why The Solution Often Fails
  • Training fails 60-90% of the time- Unless Leaders do This  

    Training predictably fails when one of four steps is missed.

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2 months before
Thank you for this excellent "think-tank" session! Your tone of voice is PERFECT in delivering this sensitive material. Please continue to publish quality courses like this one!