Course: ACE The IELTS Academic Writing Exam

ACE The IELTS Academic Writing Exam

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About this Course

A series of 12 interactive videos featuring Dr. Raymond Connors, a well-known Australian international IELTS and Business English instructor to Universities and Colleges.

In this course you will learn how to structure essays that exceed the expectations of IELTS examiners, as I have proven many times with huge numbers of students who used my methods and scored above their expectations.

Learn how to structure essays for both parts 1 and 2 of the writing test that will have the examiner wanting to read your essays, instead of the dreary ones he/she receives every day.

I used to conduct this course at a MUCH HIGHER PRICE in Universities and Colleges, but as this is a new venture for me, this course is heavily discounted FOR A LIMITED TIME

Basic knowledge
  • To benefit from this course, you will need an INTERMEDIATE level of English, and a good deal of common sense
  • (If you didn't already have that, you wouldn't be investigating this course anyway)
  • Because this exam leads to employment related migration, you will also need a good deal of "drive"
  • If you feel you need to bring your English ability up to the required level BEFORE taking this course, you are welcome to check out my "PRE-IELTS" courses which you can find elsewhere on this site also under IELTS sub-headings for English language
What you will learn
  • This course will show you how to answer questions in Part 1 of the IELTS writing exam, and how to effectively manage your time to ensure you complete the tasks in time
  • In Part 2 of the IELTS writing exam, you will learn the secrets of delivering to the examiner exactly what he wants to see in your essays, including a few special "tricks" that get you the higher than average score
Number of Lectures: 22
Total Duration: 01:40:55
Lesson 01- What to expect
  • What is IELTS writing all about?  
Lesson 02 The vocabulary for writing about Graphs
  • Vocabulary for graphs and how to develop it  
  • Vocab about graphs  
Lesson 3- Enhancing your vocabulary about graphs
  • Increase you graph vocabulary  
  • Enhanced vocabulary  
Lesson 4 How to describe PIE GRAPHS
  • Pie Graphs and the TWO words to use that get the great scores  

    Learn the TWO magic words to describe pie graphs, and score very well.

  • Pie Graphs  
Lesson 5 Tables and Graphs
  • Tables and graphs  

    How to describes tables and graphs very simply and effectively

  • Graphs and Tables  
  • Diagrams  

    How to describe diagrams in such a way that you will score well.

  • Describing diagrams  

    Outline of what you need to do well in this section, plus some strategies for handling it. Includes the magic formula that the examiner will really like.

  • Part 2 Essay  
Paragraph 1 of the Long Essay
  • Paragraph 1 of the long essay- What to put in this paragraph  

    How to open your essay so the examiner knows you understand the question.

  • The first paragraph  
Lesson 9- The second paragraph
  • The second paragraph  

    What to put in the second paragraph, to open the discussion.

  • Paragraph 2  
Lesson 10- The third paragraph
  • The third paragraph-conceding the alternative view.  

    In this paragraph, we concede the alternative view may have benefit.

  • Paragraph 3  

    When you know how to use this little used tactic that even most IELTS lecturers do not know how to use- your score SKYROCKETS.

  • The scoring paragraph  
Conclusion paragraph
  • Wrapping it up  
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