Course: IELTS Writing-get the best results

IELTS Writing-get the best results

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About this Course

This course will teach you not only all the vitally important things you need to do in each task, to do your very best, regarding how to approach each task, what to do and not to do, the correct structure to use, but also all the language and grammar to maximize your points in these areas too. It is so important to do all of this correctly (not just the language) in order to really get the best results you can. 

Basic knowledge

You will need an Intermediate to Advanced level of English

What you will learn

On this course you will:

1) Become familiar with the structure of the writing module and look at advice for all tasks of both the Academic and General Training modules, ensuring you know exactly what to do and what not to do, so you don't lose valuable points

2) Revise essential grammar and vocabulary to use in each part to ensure you really show off your ability and maximize your points

3) Examine different tasks for Part 1 Academic (reports):

  • Line graphs
  • Bar graphs
  • Tables
  • Pie charts
  • Mixed graphs
  • Diagrams/processes
  • Maps

4) Go through different tasks for Part 1 General Training (e-mails/letters):

  • What to do/not to do
  • Structuring e-mails/letters
  • Different kinds of e-mails
  • Language to use

5) Analyze part 2 for both modules (essays):

  • What to do/not to do
  • How to write and structure a variety of essay types
  • Discuss/Advantages and disadvantages essays
  • Opinion essays
  • To what extent…essays
  • Multiple question essays
  • Problem/solution essays
  • Cause/consequence essays
  • Ensure you are answering the question
  • Examine language and grammar to use to maximize points
Number of Lectures: 6
Total Duration: 00:53:21
Academic Module Part 1 - Introduction, Vital Advice, Language to Use
  • Introduction to Tutor and IELTS, General Advice and Language - Part 1 Academic  
Academic Module Part 1 - Grammar and Task Types
  • Academic Module Part 1- Grammar and Task Types  
General Training Part 1 - Vital Advice, Language to Use, Task Types
  • General Training Part 1 - Vital Advice, Language to Use, How to Approach Tasks  

    In the third section I will be:

    Showing you all the different task types in General Training module-part 1

    Giving you essential advice regarding what to do to maximise your points

    Going through language to use for different kinds of letters and style (degree of formality)

    Revising grammar to use - ensure you are using appropriate grammar

    Examples of different letters.

Grammar for All Parts of the Exam
  • Grammar For All Parts of The Exam  
Part 2 for Academic and General Training - Compostions
  • Part 2 Academic and General Training- Compositions  

    In the last section, we will be:

    Looking at essential advice for part 2 which is compositions. There are so many things you need to be aware of in this section.

    Ensuring you do exactly what question is asking you to do - not as easy as it sounds!

    Looking at structure

    Language to use for different parts

    Grammar to use

    Different types of compositions and how to approach them

    Examples with language.

Notes for Students
  • Notes for Students  
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