Course: Lower Intermediate PRE-IELTS

Lower Intermediate PRE-IELTS

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About this Course

A 5 video lecture and downloadable resources course for English language students at-Intermediate level, who want to upgrade their English skills in reading, listening, pronunciation and vocabulary building.

Conducted by an internationally accredited and recognized IELTS, Business English and General English coach in Universities and Colleges.

This course leads to a more advanced one that provides more advanced skills in the areas of reading, listening and vocabulary building for either IELTS, or for up-grading General English skills, and to courses in IELTS speaking and writing, which are also available on this platform from Dr. Raymond Connors.

Basic knowledge
  • If you have a pre-Intermediate level of English, or feel your English language skills are just not quite up to speed to take an IELTS course, then this is the course you need
  • If you just want to improve your listening, reading, and vocabulary skills for General English, this course can help you too, and will lead you to more advanced courses like Medical English, English for Tourism, Business English, and many other courses in English also available on this platform from Dr. Raymond Connors
What you will learn
  • In this course, you will practice Listening and reading, in the same manner as expected in the IELTS exam, but at a slightly slower and less developed pace
  • You will also learn vocabulary building skills, and become accustomed to the style of questions that are used in the IELTS exams
Number of Lectures: 7
Total Duration: 01:10:24
Lesson 1 Pencils V Computers
  • Lesson 1  
  • Lesson one  
Lesson 2 The SUPER WOLF
  • Super wolf  

    Read and listen to the innovative way in which Japanese farmers are keeping pests off their crops.

Lesson 3 Crying babies on air-planes
  • Lesson 3  
Lesson 4 Street Food
  • Classy street food  
  • Street food gets a classy rating  
Lesson 5 The World's biggest killer
  • Lesson The World's biggest killer  

    In this lesson we will listen to a passage about a growing world-wide problem, and how it is killing people.

    The first reading will be at a slow pace, and the second at a normal pace.

    There will be questions to answer about what you heard.

    By downloading the exercises, you will also be able to use the same article to practice reading, and answer questions about what you have read.

    By replaying the video, you will also be able to practice your pronunciation by following along at two different speeds, and there are vocabulary-building exercises relating to what you hear and read.

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