Course: ACE The IELTS Speaking Exam

ACE The IELTS Speaking Exam

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About this Course

A series of 20 video lessons with interactive content to bring you up to speed on giving the examiner on the IELTS speaking exam EXACTLY what he/she expects.

The videos are quite short, but the practice materials that are involved will have you speaking like an expert in a very short time.

Who this course is for:

Non-native English speakers wanting to: study abroad, emigrate to an English speaking country, or any one who needs English language for job promotion

Basic knowledge
  • Pre-Intermediate or above level of English
What you will learn
  • Know how to speak well for the part 1 of the exam; present part 2 of the exam EXACTLY how the examiner wants it, so therefore score well, and for part 3 of the exam, know how to discusss philosophical issue realted to the topic
Number of Lectures: 20
Total Duration: 03:40:28
Giving Opinions
  • How to give opinions and the vocabulary to do it  

    How to use the simple vocabulary to give your opinion on a matter when the examiner asks. With this skill you will never be stuck for the correct way to give your opinion, and score well.

Time Fillers
  • Using time filling words and phrases  
Requesting clarification
  • How to ask the examiner for clarification  
Connectors and how to use them
  • How to use connectors  
Mind Mapping for part 2.
  • Mind mapping to get great results  

    How to use a mind map to ensure you talk about ALL the items the examiners wants to hear about in Part 2. Includes the "secret" to a much better score than most for this part.

Talking about people
  • People  
Television Shows
  • Television shows  
  • Films  
A special Event
  • An event  
At a Restaurant
  • Restaurant  
  • Books  
  • Talking about Hobbies  
Different words
  • Using different words  
Photographs and pictures
  • Photographs and pictures  
  • Buildings  
  • Travel  
E-mails and letters
  • E-mails and letters  
The weather
  • The weather  
Sports and Games
  • Sports and games  
  • What we own  
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