Course: AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty

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About this Course

This course is specifically designed for the aspirants who intend to give the "AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty" certification as well as for those who intend to gain deeper understanding related to the networking aspect of AWS.

Keeping the standards high similar to other best seller courses of Zeal, this course has a perfect balance and the things are explained in a simplified way with practical scenarios.

With tons of quizzes, great lectures and fantastic support from the Instructor, this course is all you need to master the AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty certification.

Who is the target audience?

  • Those who are interested in gaining the "AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty" certification.
  • Those intending to gain deep insights into networking aspects of AWS
Basic knowledge
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate or Equivalent Knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of networking concepts will be helpful
What you will learn
  • Will be prepared to give the AWS Certified Advanced Networking - Specialty certification.
  • Implement IPSec tunnels as part of Hybrid Infrastructure
  • Understand and Implement various complex AWS networking architectures
Number of Lectures: 79
Total Duration: 10:51:19
  • Introduction  
AWS Private Link Architecture
  • VPC Endpoints  
  • VPC Endpoints - Architectural Perspective  
  • Gateway VPC Endpoints - Access Control  
  • Understanding Interface VPC Endpoints  
  • Implementing Interface Endpoints  
  • Understanding VPC Endpoint Services  
  • Implementing end to end VPC Endpoint service  
Load Balancer Section
  • Different Load Balancer Types in AWS  
  • Overview of Classic Load Balancer  
  • Overview of Application Load Balancer  
  • Implementing Path Based Routing in ALB  
  • ALB - Listeners & Target Groups  
  • ALB - Conditions & Host Based Routing  
  • Understanding Network Load Balancer  
  • Implementing Network Based Load Balancers  
  • ELB - Nodes & Availability Zones  
  • Understanding Cross Zone Load Balancing  
  • ELB Sandwich Architecture  
Networking & AWS Primer
  • Understanding DHCP DORA Process  
  • DHCP Option Sets in AWS  
  • Understanding Encapsulation in OSI model  
  • Understanding Transmission Control Protocol  
  • Understanding Maximum Transmission Unit  
  • Maximum Segment Size in TCP protocol  
  • IP Fragmentation  
  • Understanding Numeric Systems  
  • Decimal to Binary Conversions  
  • IPV4 Addressing Scheme  
  • Understanding IPV6  
  • IPV6 - Integrating it with VPC - Part 01  
  • IPv6 - Integrating it with VPC - Part 02  
  • Egress only IGW  
Security & Compliance
  • Overview of Layer 7 Firewalls  
  • Overview of AWS WAF  
  • Implementing AWS WAF with ALB  
  • Understanding AWS Certificate Manager  
  • Provisioning first TLS certificate with ACM  
  • Configuring ELB with HTTPS for SSL Offloading  
Content Delivery Networks
  • Understanding Content Delivery Networks  
  • Deploying CloudFront Distribution - Part 01  
  • Understanding Origin Access Identity in CloudFront  
Virtual Private Networks & IPSec Tunnels
  • Introduction to Virtual Private Networks  
  • Implementing software VPN's - Part 01  
  • Implementing software VPN's - Part 02  
  • Overview of AWS VPN Tunnels  
  • Using AWS VPN for On-Premise to AWS connectivity  
  • IPSec with OpenSwan - Part 01  
  • IPSec with OpenSwan - Part 02  
  • Interface Level Flow Logs  
  • Improving NAT Gateway Performance with Dual Architecture  
  • Understanding Static Routing  
  • Understanding Dynamic Routing  
  • Overview of Border Gateway Protocol  
  • Understanding Direct Connect  
  • DX - Public & Private VIF  
  • Physical Process for DX Setup - AWS  
  • Physical Process of DX Setup - Partner  
  • Dual DX Architectures  
  • AWS CloudHub  
  • Inter-Region VPC Peering  
  • Transistive Routing  
Security And Compliance
  • Denial of Service Attacks - Practical Overview  
  • Mitigating DDoS Attacks in AWS  
  • Network ACL (NACL)  
Billing Section
  • Direct Connect Billing  
Advanced Route53 Configurations
  • Overview of Disaster Recovery Models  
  • Multi-Site Failover with Route53  
  • Advanced Route53 Configurations  
  • Route53 - Understanding Health Checks  
  • Route53 - Implementing Health Checks with NGINX  
  • Route53 - Understanding Failover Routing Policy  
  • Route53 - Implementing Failover Routing Policies  
Benchmarking & Optimizing Network Performance
  • Understanding Network Interfaces  
  • Elastic Network Interfaces  
  • Enhanced Networking  
  • Management Network Architecture with ENI  
  • Quality of Service  
Exam Preparation Section
  • Important Pointers for Exams - Part 01  
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