Course: AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2019

AWS Certified Developer - Associate 2019

  • Life Time Access
  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
  • Self-Paced
About this Course

This course is specifically designed for new developers who are planning to enter into the field of Cloud with the AWS Certified Developer Associate level certification course. 

This course starts from absolute ground up level and step by step we build our solid foundation in cloud computing and AWS with point of view of a developer and we explore various AWS services that are used on a day to day life of a developer working on AWS environments.

With tons of quizzes in order to prepare you for exams, Real world scenario and great Support from our Instructor in-case of doubts, this course is all you need to build solid foundation on AWS and gain the Certification.

Who is the target audience?

  • Individuals who are aiming to give the AWS Certified Developer Associate certification.
Basic knowledge
  • Be prepared for the AWS Developer Associate certification
What you will learn
  • Basic knowledge of programming
Number of Lectures: 100
Total Duration: 14:15:39
  • Introduction  
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing Platform
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing  
  • Cloud Computing Models  
  • Architecture of Cloud Environments  
  • Elasticity - Characteristics of Cloud  
  • Elasticity - Part 02  
Labs & Infrastructure Overview
  • Introduction to Amazon Web Services  
  • AWS Global Infrastructure  
  • Setting up LAB Environment  
  • Launching first EC2 instance  
  • Setting MobaXterm  
  • EC2 Purchasing Options  
  • EC2 Storage Basics  
  • ELB & Session State  
Mastering Serverless Computing
  • Introduction to Serverless Computing  
  • Getting started with AWS Lambda  
  • Lambda - Versioning & Alias  
  • Introduction to API  
  • Understanding working of API  
  • Building the function for our API  
  • Building API with API Gateway  
  • Lambda Deployment Package  
  • NodeJS Resource  
Identity & Access Management
  • Understanding Principle of Least Privilage  
  • POPL Practical  
  • Introduction to Identity & Access Management (IAM)  
  • Understanding the IAM Policies  
  • IAM Role  
  • AWS STS  
AWS Developer Tools & CI/CD
  • Version Control  
  • Continues Code Building  
  • AWS Code Commit  
  • AWS Code Build  
  • Code Build - C Demo & Artifacts  
  • AWS Code Deploy  
  • Configuring Code Deploy  
  • Overview of AWS X-Ray  
  • AWS X-Ray Practical  
  • Parameter Store  
DevOps Primer
  • Introduction to Infrastructure as Code  
  • CloudFormation Basics  
  • AWS ElasticBeanstalk  
  • AWS ElasticBeanstalk - Part 02  
  • EB Deployment Policy  
  • Immutable Deployment Policy  
  • Serverless Application Model (AWS SAM)  
Message Brokers & Notification Services & Kinesis
  • Introduction to Message Brokers  
  • Message Broker - Practical  
  • Introduction to SQS  
  • SQS - Polling Methods  
  • SQS - Visibility Timeout  
  • SQS - Queue Types  
  • Understanding SNS  
  • Implementing SNS  
Database Primer
  • Introduction to Relational Database  
  • Installing an RDMS system in an EC2 instance  
  • Creating our first database structure in MySQL  
  • Understanding the INSERT statements5:44  
  • Primary Key & Null Values  
  • Getting started with AWS RDS  
  • Connect to RDS via CLI and MySQL Workbench  
  • Understanding the Parameter & Subnet Groups in RDS  
  • Creating our first blog and connect it with RDS  
  • Exploring the Wordpress database structure in RDS  
  • Implementing Read replicas - Part 01  
  • Implementing Read replicas - Part 02  
  • Multi-AZ Architecture for RDS  
  • Understanding Memcached Engine  
  • Understanding ElastiCache in AWS  
  • Understanding NoSQL Database  
  • ElastiCache - Deploying Memcached Engine  
  • Understanding Redis Engine  
  • Getting started with DynamoDB  
  • DynamoDB queries with CLI  
  • DynamoDB Consistency Models  
  • DynamoDB Local - Dockers  
  • DynamoDB Local - Resource  
  • Integrating Python Boto3 with DynamoDB Local  
  • Python Boto3 Code Samples  
  • Partition Key vs Composite Keys  
  • DynamoDB Streams  
  • Project Expressions  
  • DynamoDB Accelerator  
  • DynamoDB Provisioned Throughput  
  • Business Intelligence & Data Warehouse  
  • Understanding RedShift  
Security Primer
  • Introduction to Cryptography  
  • Understanding communication Protocols  
  • Plain Text vs Encrypted Protocols  
  • Understanding AWS Key Management Service  
  • S3 Encryption  
  • Web Identity Federation  
  • AWS Cognito  
  • Understanding Streaming Data  
  • Getting started with AWS Kinesis  
  • Kinesis Practical  
  • Introduction to Reverse Proxy  
  • Understanding CDN's  
  • Understanding Edge Locations  
  • CloudFront Practical  
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