Course: Business Analysis & Scrum Agile for Business Analysts

Business Analysis & Scrum Agile for Business Analysts

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About this Course

Are you looking for IT jobs or Business Analyst jobs or promotion? 

Learn Business Analysis & Scrum Agile Implementation- Learn BA knowledge Areas, write BRD, create Product Backlog & Download Free CV.

You will understand the various concepts of scrum like scrum product backlog, scrum roles like product owner, scrum master etc. 

This course will focus on following;

  • BA Approach Planning
  • Stakeholder Engagement Planning
  • BA Information and Governance Planning
  • Requirement Elicitation Techniques and how to select a good one for your project?
  • Planning and Conducting Requirement Elicitation.
  • Requirement and Solution Management including SMART Requirements/Objectives, Verify, Validate and Maintain Requirements for Reuse.
  • Requirement Modeling
  • How to write professional end to end Business Requirement Documents (BRD).
  • Scrum Agile Fundamentals
  • Why Scrum is better than Waterfall
  • Scrum Events, Scrum Artifacts, Scrum Roles & Scrum agile Overview
  • How To Write Product Backlogs and User Stories in scrum
  • How To Prepare & use Burndown charts in scrum
  • Various business analysis concepts like prioritization, base-lining, change control process, etc.
  • This course will be helpful if you are preparing for IIBA's certification like ECBA, CCBA or CBAP.

Content of this course is aligned with IIBA’s BABOK guide so if you are planning for IIBA’s certification like CBAP, you will find this course useful. Please note that this course is a supplemental material. Even if you don't purchase this course, make sure to completely read BABOK guide before your IIBA's Exam. 

So whether you are looking for a business analyst jobs, business analysis certifications or business analysis courses online, it can help you.


  • None but interest in the field of Business Analysis is needed.
  • Also you will need a computer(or phone) with internet to access the videos on Simpliv

Course Output

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to write your own BRD(Business Requirement Document).
  • You will be able to understand the concept and practices of business analysis.
  • You will know more about the roles and responsibilities of the business analyst.
  • This course will be helpful for those who are preparing for IIBA's certifications like CCBA, CBAP etc.

Who is the target audience?

  • Anybody who is preparing for IIBA's Certifications like CCBA, CBAP & need additional resource
  • Anybody who is preparing for a business analyst job
  • Junior To Mid Level Business Analysts who are looking to improve their knowledge and skills
  • Programmers and Project Managers who are looking to increase their understanding of business analysis & Scrum Agile
  • Anyone who want to learn Business Analysis & Scrum Agile
Basic knowledge
  • None
  • Interest in the field of Business Analysis
What you will learn
  • Business Analysis Fundamental and Practical Application
  • Scrum Agile fundamentals, Estimations, Roles, Events & Overview
  • Understand various knowledge Areas of Business Analysis mentioned in BABOK
  • Perform Requirement Elicitation
  • Write Business Requirement Documents, Template available as Free Resource
  • Prepare for Business Analyst Jobs & if working, perform better business analysis
  • Stakeholder Management & Coordination
  • Understand Project Scope, Requirement Prioritization and Change Control Process
  • Download Free Sample IT Business Analyst Resume/CV
  • Implement Scrum Agile 
Number of Lectures: 41
Total Duration: 08:12:39
Introduction To The World of Buisness Analysis
  • Introduction- Welcome BAs  

    Business Analysis & Scrum Agile Course Introduction.

  • Business Analysis Overview  

    Let's go through the course overview to set the correct tone for the course. in this video, we will go through the course curriculum and focus areas.

  • What is Business Analysis?  

    Let's take it step by step, start with a high level overview of Business Analysis.

  • Who is Business Analyst?  

    Continuing with our last video, we will look into the role and responsibilities of a Business Analyst. 

  • Business Analysis Fundamental Concepts- BACCM  

    Building upon our knowledge, let's cover essential business analysis terminologies and concepts which play vital role in business analysis. 

  • Quiz 1- Section 1  

    Quiz 1- Review your Learnings.

Buisness Analysis Planning and Monitoring
  • Plan Business Analysis Approach  

    This section can be mapped to business analysis planning and monitoring knowledge area of the BABOK and this video in particular can be linked Business Analysis Approach Planning Task. 

  • Plan Stakeholder Engagement and Management  

    This video can be mapped with stakeholder engagement task in BA Planning and Monitoring knowledge area of BABOK v3. In this video, we learn about stakeholder engagement and management.

  • Learn Business Analysis Governance  

    Governance is one of the most important aspect of any business entity, unit or process. Learn Business Analysis Governance for better understanding. 

  • Business Analysis Information and Communication Management  

    Information is one of the most critical deliverable in business analysis and with it's proper management, you are going to miss on another vital BA element, stakeholder collaboration. Learn about BA Information and communication management in this video.

  • Section 2- Summary  
  • Section 2 - Quiz  

    Test Your Learning.

Requirement Elicitation Planning and Conducting its Session
  • Planning and Conducting Requirement Elicitation  

    Let's dive into one of the core activity of business analysis and review requirement elicitation.

  • Prepare for Requirement Elicitation  

    Requirement Elicitation is a very important activity in a project and before we start with that, we need to put some time and effort in its preparation. This video will provide vital information about this preparation.

  • Requirement Elicitation Techniques- 1  

    Let's start with Requirement Elicitation Techniques. In this first video on popular techniques, we are going to cover Document Analysis and Benchmarking & Market Analysis.

  • Requirement Elicitation Techniques- 2  

    Keeping focus on requirement elicitation techniques, we will now cover Brainstorming and Focus Groups in this video.

  • Requirement Elicitation Techniques- 3  

    Interface Analysis and Interviews are focus area in video of requirement elicitation techniques. 

  • Requirement Elicitation Techniques- 4  

    Now let's focus on 2 other popular techniques, Observation and Prototyping.

  • Requirement Elicitation Techniques- 5  

    No Requirement Elicitation Techniques Course can complete without covering requirement workshop and survey/questionnaire, in this video, we are going to complete our coverage of popular requirement elicitation techniques. 

  • Section 3- Summary  
  • Assignment- Part 1  

    Let's use our learning so far and create business analysis document. 

  • Quiz- Section 3  

    Test Your Skills.

Smart Requirements and Solutions
  • SMART Requirements  

    Learn about SMART Requirements and business objectives.

  • Requirement Management & Its Life Cycle  

    Learn requirement management in this video and see how & why we should trace, maintain prioritize, assess and approve them.

  • Solution Formulation and Evaluation  

    Learn to assess risk, analyze current state and define future state and change strategy.

  • Requirement Modelling  

    Learn to model requirements, verify and validate them to fine tune requirements.

  • Final Assignment  
  • Quiz- Section 4  

    Now put together your learnings and test your knowledge.

Assignment Solution
  • Prepare BRD  
Useful Resources for BAs
  • Free Sample IT Business Analyst CV/Resume  
  • How To Prepare for CBAP  

    Let's prepare for IIBA's certifications like CBAP, CCBA or others. And don't forget to download your cheatsheet from resource section.

  • Use Case & Scenarios Requirement Modeling Technique  

    Learn about requirement modeling technique-Use Case and Scenarios.

  • Useful Tips to Get BA Job & Do Well  

    Useful Tips for BA aspirants to get BA jobs and middle level BAs to perform well.

Scrum Agile fundamentals
  • Scrum Agile Implementation- Introduction  

    Introduction to scrum agile section of the course with overview of the course.

  • Why Scrum- Scrum Vs Waterfall  

    Before we start with Scrum, let's compare scrum with waterfall and see why scrum is good.

  • Scrum Overview  

    Scrum concepts, history and foundational information.

  • Scrum Cycle & Components  

    Let's have a bird eye view on scrum components.

  • Scrum Master  

    You will learn everything about role of scrum master in this lecture.

  • Scrum Product Owner  

    Now we are going to cover Product Owner role in this video.

  • Scrum Development Team  

    Scrum Master and Product Owner need a development to deliver projects, we are going to address scrum dev team in this video.

  • Scrum Artifacts  

    In this lecture, we are going to cover scrum artifacts like product backlog, user stories and sprint backlog.

  • Scrum Burndown Chart  

    We are going to cover burndown charts, velocity theory and a walk through on how to create them using excel.

  • Scrum Events  

    We will cover various scrum events like daily scrum meeting, sprint review, sprint retrospective, sprint planning meeting etc in this video.

  • Scrum Estimation- Planning Poker  

    In this video we are going to learn planning poker estimation technique.

  • Scrum Implementation- Putting Everything Together  
  • Scrum Agile Quiz  
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