Course: HP UFT / QTP 14.00 (Latest Version)

HP UFT / QTP 14.00 (Latest Version)

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About this Course

In these videos you will learn about a functional regression testing tool by HP Company named as HP UFT i.e HP Unified Functional Testing . Previously known as HP QTP i.e Quick Test Professional.

This course is designed specially for first time users and beginners. It does not consist of any advanced topics. I want people to understand the basic concepts with the help of this tutorial.

HP UFT/QTP tool is primarily for software testers having basic knowledge of Manual testing. In this course we will make sure that any participants who joins this course will be able to understand right from scratch basic like downloading and installing the software till he test any application by its own. As mentioned basic knowledge of manual testing is required.

This videos are made on the latest version of HP UFT in the market i.e 14.00 Version.

Note : API Automation testing will not be covered in this video series

Some reviews :

  • Easy to follow videos with clear explanation on the basics and how to create the charts. Teaching is superb - Sowjanya
  • I love this course. I am learning a lot and I believe it will contribute greatly towards my knowledge of automation testing and my career. The fact that with this course, you can actually see the instructor, makes the course more interactive and engaging. I am really enjoying the course - Marwan Sultan
  • Here all information given very straight to point. I really like all these videos - Paras Rudani
  • The course is very understandable and lecturer explains it clearly - Mounika 
  • The explanation about each concept is given in simple and easy to understand language. The presenter has also tried to expand on each point explained -Zohra
  • Very well explained videos. Pls continue the great job and post more videos to cover the course content even though you put a reasonable price to it. Thanks Pavan- Gayathri
  • I am very happy to get this course and found this is the best HP UFT training. The way he explains it's fantastic and I love it. I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to learn HP UFT in proper and easy way. Thanks again- Gazi
  • Pavan has been fantastic with the way he is articulating about HP UFT. Videos are intuitive too and doesn't cause any attention lapses that usually happens with online videos. One of the most productive online sessions i have had in recent months. Super glad i got them for free . Wonderful job Pavan .Expect ROI very soon buddy.- Kishore
  • I was able to understand the concept even though I am not from QA background. - Aarti

Hope you will enjoy this.


Pavan Lalwani

Who is the target audience?

  • Manual Tester
  • Test Lead
  • Automation Tester
  • Developer
  • Fresher
  • Candidates pursuing their graduation in the field of IT, BSC-IT,
  • Candidates pursuing their post-graduation in the field of IT
  • Anyone interested in learning IT courses
  • Anyone interested in learning about Programming Languages
  • Anyone who's looking for job in Automation testing
Basic knowledge
  • Participant should have knowledge of Manual testing
  • Should have a Laptop/Desktop , if needs to do practical along with videos
  • No Prior coding knowledge required. Coding will be taught from scratch here
What you will learn
  • Download HP UFT
  • Installation of HP UFT
  • Record and Run test
  • Functional testing
  • Actions
  • Objects
  • Types of Recording
Number of Lectures: 37
Total Duration: 04:21:42
Introduction to HP UFT
  • HP UFT - Installation  

    Learn how to install HP UFT/QTP i.e Automation Testing tool right from scratch. Also necessary things to be taken care while installing.

  • HP UFT - User-Interface of HP UFT  

    Get Familiar with the new user interface of HP UFT. Very easy, simple and smooth.

    Learn the names used in the video as same names will be taken in upcoming videos.

  • HP UFT - Sample Application (Application to be tested)  
  • HP UFT -  
  • HP UFT - First Recording in UFT/QTP  
  • HP UFT - Record and run settings  
  • HP UFT - Keyword view Vs Editor view  
  • HP UFT - Run a Test  
  • HP UFT - Parameterization using Keyword view  
  • HP UFT - Parameterization using Data Driver  
  • HP UFT - Text Checkpoint  
  • HP UFT - Text Area Checkpoint  
  • HP UFT - Standard Checkpoint  
  • HP UFT - Bitmap Checkpoint  
Output Value
  • HP UFT - Text Output value  
  • HP UFT - Standard output value  
  • HP UFT - Introduction to Object Repository (OR)  
  • HP UFT - Rename and Update Objects  
  • HP UFT - Export Local Objects  
  • HP UFT - Import Shared Objects  
  • HP UFT - Edit Shared objects  
  • HP UFT - Import&Export Objects To&From XML  
  • HP UFT - Object Spy  
  • HP UFT - GetROProperty  
  • HP UFT - GetTOProperty  
  • HP UFT - SetTOProperty  
  • HP UFT - Object Identification  

    UFT Identifies objects with the help of feature named as Object Identification. Object Identification teaches UFT to capture only specific properties from the object in the application.

  • HP UFT - Smart Identification  
  • HP UFT - Ordinal Identifier  
  • HP UFT - Virtual Objects  
Recording Types
  • HP UFT - Types of recording  
  • HP UFT - Default Recording  
  • HP UFT - Low Level Recording  
  • HP UFT - Analog Recording  
  • HP UFT - Insight Recording  
  • HP UFT - Call to New Action  
  • HP UFT - Call to Copy of Action  
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