Course: Terraform - Beginner to Advanced

Terraform - Beginner to Advanced

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  • Self-Paced
About this Course

Terraform is one of the most popular infrastructure as code tools available in the market, one of the reasons behind it’s popularity is because of it’s wide spread support of multiple providers like AWS, Azure, GCP and many more. This makes it one of the very important tools to have hands-on for DevOps Engineers. This course is intended for individuals who are planning to implement Terraform in their organization and wants to get in-depth view about various terraform modules and best practices. Join us in the journey of learning Terraform taught by Zeal, regarded as one of the TOP instructors in the world.

Who is the target audience?

  • Individuals who are interested in mastering Terraform
  • Those interested to learn Infrastructure as Code approach
Basic knowledge
  • AWS Account
  • Basic Knowledge of programming
What you will learn
  • Implement Terraform in your organization
Number of Lectures: 53
Total Duration: 05:54:30
  • Introduction to Terraform  
Getting Started & Setting up Labs
  • Choosing a right Infrastructure as Code tool  
  • Installing Terraform - Windows Users  
  • Installing Terraform - Linux Users  
  • Choosing Right IDE for Terraform IAC development  
  • Setting up AWS account  
Deploying Infrastructure With Terraform
  • Creating first EC2 instance with Terraform  
  • Understanding Resources & Providers  
  • Understanding Resource & Providers - Part 2  
  • Destroying Infrastructure with Terraform  
  • Understanding Terraform State files  
  • Understanding Desired & Current States  
  • Challenges with the current state on computed values  
Interpolation, Attributes & Deployment of Multi-Tier Architectures
  • Understanding Attributes in Terraform  
  • Implementing Interpolation  
  • Lets' Architect - 2 Tier Architecture  
  • Implementing 2 Tier Architecture with Terraform - Part 1  
  • Implementing 2 Tier Architecture with Terraform - Part 2  
  • Load Order & Semantics  
  • Terraform Variables  
  • Variable Practical (Code Resource)  
Terraform Provisioners
  • Understanding Provisioners in Terraform  
  • Types of Provisioners  
  • Implementing remote-exec provisioners  
  • Remote Exec Provisioners (Code)  
  • Note - Remote-Exec Provisioners  
  • Implementing local-exec provisioners  
  • Integrating Ansible with Terraform  
Terraform Modules & Workspaces
  • Understanding DRY principle  
  • Implementing EC2 module with Terraform  
  • Variables and Terraform Modules  
  • Code - Module Lecture  
  • Terraform Workspace  
  • Implementing Terraform Workspace - Part 01  
  • Implementing Terraform Workspace - Part 02  
  • Code - Workspace Lecture  
Remote State Management
  • Integrating with GIT for team management  
  • Security Challenges in Commiting TFState to GIT  
  • Remote State Management with Terraform  
  • Implementing S3 Backend  
  • Challenges with State File locking  
  • Integrating DynamoDB with S3 for state locking  
Security Primer
  • Terraform Provider UseCase - Resources in Multiple Regions  
  • Handling Access & Secret Keys the Right Way in Providers  
  • Handling Multiple AWS Profiles with Terraform Providers  
  • Terraform & Assume Role with AWS STS  
Advanced Terraform Use-Cases
  • Overview of CI/CD with Terraform  
  • Implementing Continues Integration with Terraform  
  • Implementing Continues Delivery with Terraform  
  • Important Pointers to Remember on CI/CD with IAAC  
  • Importing Existing Resources with Terraform Import  
  • Cross- Project Collaboration with data gets  

    Coming Soon

  • Using data gets to fetch remote state information  
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