Course: Build An Advanced Java Swing App Using MySQL

Build An Advanced Java Swing App Using MySQL

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  • Certificate on Completion
  • Access on Android and iOS App
About this Course

This course will teach you how to create a complex GUI application using Java Swing and MySQL Database.

 You will learn how to:

  • Create a Login and Sign Up System that communicates with a MySQL database
  • Use MySQL Workbench
  • Use Swing Layouts to arrage items nicely into a JFrame
  • Structure projects in packages, organizing code in multiple small methods
  • Use a variety of SQL statements and operators, going from a simple SELECT to a complex JOIN (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, ALTER, LIKE, JOIN etc.)
  • Create Custom components - you will learn how to create a custom ScrollBar, edit a JTable’s cell to look and act as a JButton and many more!
  • Work with events, going really broad into the subject of Event Handling
  • Work with many component like: JFrame, JPanel, JLabel, JButton, JSpinner, JScrollPane, JTextField, JList, JTable, JComboBox, JSeparator etc

Who this course is for:

  • Java developers who are already familiar with Java's basic syntax
Basic knowledge
  • You should know Java's basic syntax
  • Any experience with GUI development is helpful but not necessary
What you will learn
  • Learn how to develop GUI applications in Java
  • Learn how to work with MySQL databases with no previous experience
  • Learn how to approach complex tasks and solve problems using best practices
  • Learn how to structure projects
Number of Lectures: 60
Total Duration: 07:45:20
  • Introduction  
  • Install JDK and Netbeans  
  • Install MySQL  
  • Swing Overview  
  • Swing Events  
  • Components Introduction  
Login, Sign up, Database Connection
  • Login Frame Design - part 1  
  • Login Frame design part 2  
  • Sign Up Frame  
  • Database Connectivity  
  • Manage Users Table  
  • Sign Up Complete  
  • Login Complete  
  • Login Frame - Design Finished  
  • Colors  
Search, Filter and Add Food
  • Main Frame  
  • Add Food Frame - Design  
  • Category List  
  • Fill Food Table - part 1  
  • Alter Food Table  
  • Fill Food Table - part 2  
  • Table Button - part 1  
  • Table Button - part 2  
  • Table Button part 3  
  • Add Food Item  
  • Communicate between frames  
  • Improve Spinner and ComboBox  
  • Orders Table  
  • Find Food by ID  
  • Insert Into Orders Table  
  • Add Food Item - complete  
  • List Item Selection  
  • Back Button  
  • Search Option  
  • Recap  
Track User's Progress
  • Day Progress - Design  
  • Custom ScrollBar  
  • Reminding Table Structure  
  • Load Tables - INNER JOIN  
  • Load Tables - completed  
  • Using Layouts on JTable without JScrollPane  
  • Day Progress Design - completed  
  • Table Header and Back Button  
  • Update nutrition facts to quantity  
  • Check Work For Multiple Users  
  • Total Row  
  • Make Table Cell Uneditable  
  • Quick Search Item - Design  
  • Search Box  
  • Quick Add Item - part 1  
  • Quick Add Item - part 2  
  • Table Button - Edit Option  
  • Ordered Food Deletion - part 1  
  • Ordered Food Deletion - part 2  
  • Save Option  
  • Refresh Tables  
  • Improve Project  
  • Set Icons  
  • Handle Frame Closing Event  
  • Congratulations!  
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