Course: Javascript: Crash Course

Javascript: Crash Course

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About this Course

So you need to learn Javascript and learn it fast!

Are you a designer who's now adding JavaScript to your knowledge arsenal? Are you a student who needs a fast and high-quality JavaScript course? Are you a traditional developer trying to learn the basics? Are you applying for a job that requires JavaScript.

JavaScript is not only emerging as the most important language to know, it's flexibility is unique. With JavaScript being deployed on the web, mobile and even the desktop this is the one language that all technologists need to know. As a JavaScript developer you'll find opportunity around every corner!

This is a crash course meaning it moves quick. Every meaningful lecture is chock full of information that you can immediately apply to your coding work. Taught by a master instructor, you'll find that Javascript: Crash Course is a extremely efficient way to learn.

Each lecture course lecture includes the actual code developed by the master instructor during the lecture. No more staring at a blank screen when figuring out how to practice use the included code as a starting point.

The course culminates with developing a full quiz application called Trivia. You'll learn from building out this application yourself and modifying it and making it your own!

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Who is the target audience?

  • Newbies Who Want to Learn Javascript Quickly
  • Current Programmers who need a Crash Course in Javascript
  • Those with Limited Time who Want to Learn Alot
  • Teacher and Students
  • Designers and Developers who Want to Learn JavaScript Efficiently
Basic knowledge
  • Foundational HTML
  • Text editor
  • Web Browser
What you will learn
  • Understand and write Javascript Code
  • Run Javascript Code in a Browser
  • Choose and Utilize Tools Used by Professional Javascript Developers
  • Understand the Purpose of Javascript Variables
  • Declare and Initialize Javascript Variables
  • User Variables with Strings and Numbers
  • Perform Mathematical Operations with Javascript
  • Obtain input from the User via Alert Boxes
  • Obtain input from the User via Forms
  • Understand Simple Conditionals with If
  • Create Complex Conditionals with If Else If
  • Create While Loops
  • Create For Loops
  • Understand the Purpose and Power of Javascript Objects
  • Use Event Objects to Track Events that Occur
  • Use the Javscript Date Object to Track Dates
  • Use the Javascript String Object to Manipulate Strings
  • Include Audio and Video Content with the Media API
  • Use the XMLHttpRequest() Object to Exchange Data
  • Create a Basic Ajax Request
  • Parse JSON code
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 01:53:59
Quick Start
  • Introduction  

    A quick welcome to the JavaScript Crash Course.

  • Writing Your First Lines of Code  

    Work with Mark, your instructor, to build your first JavaScript program. See how you can see the result of your JavaScript code in the browser.

  • The Tools of the Trade  

    Learn which tools are used by JavaScript developers everywhere.

Basic Building Blocks
  • Variables  
  • Mathematics  

    Are you good a math?  You don't have to be! JavaScript does the mathematics for you! You'll learn how to perform mathematical operations with JavaScript in this section of the course.

  • Obtaining User Input  

    It's time to get your user involved.  In this section you'll learn how to take user input and process it in your JavaScript programs.

  • Making Decisions with Conditionals  
  • While Loops and For Loops  
JavaScript Objects
  • JavaScript Arrays  

    You've learned how to create variables which hold a single piece of data. Array can hold lists of data. Mark demonstrates in this lecture.

  • JavaScript Event Objects  

    JavaScript is an event-driven programming language. This means that events in the browser-- or mobile device-- can trigger blocks of code to run. You'll learn about event objects in this section.

  • JavaScript Date Object  

    Working with dates can be a coding nightmare! However JavaScript has a convenient Date() object which can work with current, past and future dates.

  • Javascript String Object  
  • JavaScript Audio and Video  

    The JavaScript audio and video API's provide powerful tools to control multimedia content. In this section you'll learn to play, pause and control audio and video content.

  • The XMLHTTPRequest() Object  

    The XMLHttpRequest() Object has enabled a new paradigm in development. If you've heard of web service architecture or SOA, then you already know a little about the XMLHttpRequest() Object. This object will enable you to receive data from other sources and parse it within the browser.  It is key to many JavaScript based web and mobile applications.

Pulling It All Together: A Full JavaScript Application
  • Course Activity  

    Watch the lecture to orient yourself to the activity in which you will build a full quiz application.

    Even before Jeopardy, quiz games were all the rage. From a few locals getting together at the local pub for trivia night to nationwide televised quiz bowls, trivia has always been a popular passtime. 

    In this project you'll marry your Javascript skills with the world of trivia to create a playable, five question trivia game.

    We'll provide the questions in a series of array objects. Your job will be to:

    • Display the questions and answers
    • Let the user know if they are correct or wrong
    • Keep score (1 point per correct answer)
    • Reward the users for correct answer with a plesant sound (included)
    • Punish for wrong answers with a buzzer sound (included)

    What's Included

    To get you started we've included a data file with the questions and answers stored in Javascript arrays. (You're welcome to replace these with your own questions and answers). We've also included audio files for sound to play during the game.

    If you need a hint, we've also included an entire solution set in the zip file. You may modify it until your hear'ts content! The first way developers usually understand a language is by modifying it from it's orignial form. 

    Challenge Yourself

    If you want to challenge yourself:

    A) Display only one question and set of answers at a time. B) Create a "splash screen" with music that plays when the game starts C) Make the game a two player game.

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