Course: The Complete JavaScript series with jQuery and Angular JS

The Complete JavaScript series with jQuery and Angular JS

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About this Course

If you have the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS then its time to learn JS because your front-end is incomplete without JS, yes I am talking about javascript.

JavaScritp is the #1 programming language nowadasy because of its simplicity, Are you tired of wasting your money and time on random Vimeo/youtube or javascript courses...? They are not easy to understand because of randomness/flow.

If you want to learn Javascript with jquery and angular JS then you are at the right place.

This is a truly complete JS course because we cover each and everything from JavaScritp and also from jQuery and of course I will also teach you the angular JS which is javascript framework.

Basic knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and also the C SS
What you will learn
  • Create Web Templates
  • Understand the concepts of JavaScript and jQuery
  • How to create selectors and how to call events in jQeury
  • How to use AJAX
  • Each and very method/function in jquery
  • Each and every event in jquery
  • Real time examples and much more
Number of Lectures: 61
Total Duration: 06:53:48
The Complete JavaScript series with jQuery and Angular JS
  • 1 - introduction to javascript and course requirements  
  • 2 - Setting envoirement with javascript example  
  • 3 - How to add external script and where to use js scode  
  • 4 - Showing your outputs in javascript  
  • 5 - javascirpt syntax and variables  
  • 6 - comments in javascirpt  
  • 7 - Data types in javascript with examples  
  • 8 - Arthimetic operators in javascript  
  • 9 - assignments operators in javascirpt  
  • 10 - arrays and opbjects in javascirpt  
  • 11 - Conditions in javascript  
  • 12 - conditions statments in javascirpt  
  • 13 - switch condition in javascirpt  
  • 14 - for loop in javascirpt  
  • 15 - while loop in javascript  
  • 16 - do while loop in javascirpt  
  • 17 - logical operators  
  • 18 - function with arguments  
  • 19 - objects  
  • 20 - Javascirpt events  
  • Introduction to jquery and course requirements  
  • An Example with jQuery code  
  • Embedding the jquery files in the project  
  • Document ready function  
  • Load function in jQuery  
  • Basic jQuery syntax  
  • Selectors  
  • Events in jQuery  
  • Click double click and hover with blue and focus events in jquery  
  • On method  
  • Hide show and toggle  
  • External scripting in jquery  
  • Fade events in jquery  
  • Slide effects in jQuery  
  • Animation effects in jQuery  
  • Jquery stop event in jquery  
  • jQuery chaining  
  • How to change the current element property using this in jQuery  
  • CSS and submit method in jQuery  
  • Callback function  
  • Get the content and attribute  
  • Adding elements in jquery  
  • Remove and empty in jquery  
  • Add class and remove class in jquery  
  • jQuery traversing reference  
  • Find and children method in jquery  
  • Siblings in jquery  
  • Filtering in jquery  
  • Validating the form  
  • Validating the form with actual form  
  • Scroll and Scroll top in jquery  
  • Select in jquery  
  • Append and prepend  
  • After and before and drop down list  
  • Width and height  
  • Div in center  
  • Days until event in jquery  
  • Introduction to php  
  • Loading file in jquery to fetch the values from php file  
  • Sending data from jquery to php  
  • Sending data from jquery to php using post method in jquery  
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