Course: The Complete JavaScript series with jQuery and Angular JS

The Complete JavaScript series with jQuery and Angular JS

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About this Course

If you have the basic knowledge of HTML and CSS then its time to learn JS because your front-end is incomplete without JS, yes I am talking about javascript.

JavaScritp is the #1 programming language nowadasy because of its simplicity, Are you tired of wasting your money and time on random Vimeo/youtube or javascript courses...? They are not easy to understand because of randomness/flow.

If you want to learn Javascript with jquery and angular JS then you are at the right place.

This is a truly complete JS course because we cover each and everything from JavaScritp and also from jQuery and of course I will also teach you the angular JS which is javascript framework.

Basic knowledge

Basic knowledge of HTML and also the C SS

What you will learn

Create Web Templates

Understand the concepts of JavaScript and jQuery

How to create selectors and how to call events in jQeury

How to use AJAX

Each and very method/function in jquery

Each and every event in jquery

Real time examples and much more

Number of Lectures: 33
Total Duration: 03:38:09
The Complete JavaScript series with jQuery and Angular JS
  • 1 - introduction to javascript and course requirements  
  • 2 - Setting envoirement with javascript example  
  • 3 - How to add external script and where to use js scode  
  • 4 - Showing your outputs in javascript  
  • 5 - javascirpt syntax and variables  
  • 6 - comments in javascirpt  
  • 7 - Data types in javascript with examples  
  • 8 - Arthimetic operators in javascript  
  • 9 - assignments operators in javascirpt  
  • 10 - arrays and opbjects in javascirpt  
  • 11 - Conditions in javascript  
  • 12 - conditions statments in javascirpt  
  • 13 - switch condition in javascirpt  
  • 14 - for loop in javascirpt  
  • 15 - while loop in javascript  
  • 16 - do while loop in javascirpt  
  • 17 - logical operators  
  • 18 - function with arguments  
  • 19 - objects  
  • 20 - Javascirpt events  
  • Introduction to jquery and course requirements  
  • An Example with jQuery code  
  • Embedding the jquery files in the project  
  • Document ready function  
  • Load function in jQuery  
  • Basic jQuery syntax  
  • Selectors  
  • Events in jQuery  
  • Click double click and hover with blue and focus events in jquery  
  • On method  
  • Hide show and toggle  
  • External scripting in jquery  
  • Fade events in jquery  
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