Course: 12 Steps to Authenticity

12 Steps to Authenticity

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About this Course

This course is designed to assist those who are desirous of leading a life of healthy self-allegiance and self-fidelity and to develop positive, friendly, inner self-talk. It is to assist students in stepping aside from ego-centredness and to arrive at a place of deep appreciation for the world around them and to embrace their experiences of it and their own roles within it. The course contains experiential components that will enhance insights and energy, as well as providing clearing and closure tools for beliefs, behaviors and blocks to self-esteem and self-awareness. It also contains 150 very practical existential questions to assist in potential pathways to the palace of personal possibilities and options.

Who is the target audience?

Anyone who is interested in discovering and shifting their operational modus and potentials

Basic knowledge
  • It is advisable that you have whatever medium you use to make notes or note questions
What you will learn
  • Develop an understanding of self-advocacy, challenge limiting beliefs and behaviors, collapse negative energy and pursue a personally directed and purposeful existence
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 01:44:48
Introduction to the instructor and the course
  • Introduction to the instructor and the course  

    This lecture will provide the students with a brief overview of the instructor's qualifications and the course content.

Understanding the Self
  • Advocate vs. Adversary  

    This lecture will assist students in being able to recognize patterns of thought or behavior that create the paradox of knowing one thing but doing another, i.e. self-sabotage and provides an example of belief systems that create this dilemma.

  • Attitude = Experience  

    Following this lecture, students will be able to recognize how much difference their experiences of anything can and will be once they recognize the importance of choosing a positive attitude.

Beginning the Process
  • Re-Framing - Installing Positive Energy  

    This lecture is designed to assist students in the art of re-framing any situation and provides tools and techniques for installing positive energy.

  • Animal Metaphor exercise  

    This is an experiential exercise that can safely facilitate an understanding of why we attract certain situations, including relationships, into our lives and can therefore choose to break negative or unhealthy patterns of 'attraction'.

  • Daily Energy Tune-up  

    This lecture provides a tool box of emotional and physical energy-enhancing techniques that are designed to collapse any states of reversal and allow one to be in optimal operational mode.

  • Template Images - Three-Spot Tapping  

    This lecture provides students with an understanding of the impact of unpleasant, shocking or traumatic images and memories - together with simple-to-use techniques designed to collapse any fears, anxieties or disturbances connected to them.

  • The Art of Observation and Awareness  

    Although mindfulness has become a popular buzzword, it is important to develop self-awareness if personal shifts are desired. This lecture provides further insights into the nature of same.

  • Releasing Negative Feelings  

    This lecture provides students with the tools and wherewithal to reduce or dissipate unpleasant or overwhelming feelings, including anger and anxiety.

  • Whole Brain Integration  

    This lecture will demonstrate a particular technique for students to be able to see any major past issues or memories through their present-day lenses or to see them through another person's lens. 

Decision-Making Breakthroughs
  • Forgiveness  

    This is a major issue for many people with unresolved hurt and anger that keeps them stuck and remaining victims of the toxicity of these feelings. Students will learn how important it is to confront this issue and choose to let go. Tools and techniques are provided for doing so.

  • C'ing the Light  

    Students will learn the impacts that words have in our lives by being given a sampling of words beginning with just one of our 26 alphabetical letters that all relate to the issue of finding and being our authentic Self.

  • Existential Questions  

    Students will be able to relate to the importance of questioning one's own existence and have the benefit of directly using 150 questions designed to maximize their potentials, options and directions.

In Closing
  • Live a Life that Matters  

    Student will get to hear an apt subject-related statement related to the wisdom of the ages.

  • Things Have Changed + References & Bibliography  

    This final lecture provides a download of all the references and bibliography related to this course - as well as a surprise ending and wrap-up by the instructor to celebrate students being potentially under new management and showing that 'Things Have Changed'.

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