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42 Secrets of Influence Online

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About this Course

Will you watch this video course because inside are 42 secrets of influence helpful for reaching our maximum potential? As we create this course to share with millions of followers online, we are grateful you are here with us today because these strategies have made a fantastic difference in our lives! When we share what we do, we hope that more of us are empowered to claim our gifts and discover the courage to use them!

While we watch this course, we hope that inspiration comes today to give up the meaningless work so many of us call a job and step up into doing what we are excited about every day. We might start blogging and writing books on subjects we have the most passion for. We may be inspired to produce videos online sharing our most powerful stories. We could discover that our mission is to travel the world and connect directly with others.

Most of us have found that maximizing our influence is as simple as building deeper relationships with our family, friends, and neighbors. In sharing the 42 ways we think, we help build the necessary faith to start and continue doing what we love while trusting the universe to give us back what we need to in terms of money, power, and respect.

Will you please join us in taking this course because we are excited to begin this journey together in 42 Secrets of Influence?

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Basic knowledge
  • There is no particular knowledge requirement. Thank you for learning about the course and we hope you love it!
What you will learn
  • You will be empowered after this course to become an influencer online
Number of Lectures: 45
Total Duration: 06:34:25
The 42 Secrets of Influence
  • Welcome to 42 Secrets of Influence Online!  
Secrets 1 - 10 of influence online
  • 1. Ask as an equal  
  • 2. Stay ordinary  
  • 3. Leap of faith  
  • 4. One true fan  
  • 5. Start with skills  
  • 6. Ignorance of the big picture  
  • 7. Give 100%  
  • 8. Everyone's guessing  
  • 9. Benefits and limitations  
  • 10. We rather than I  
Secrets 11 - 20 of influence online
  • 11. The power of collaboration  
  • 12. Failure is part of the game  
  • 13. Show an insight of your life  
  • 14. Avoid negative people like the plague  
  • 15. Don't be a show off  
  • 16. Become obsessed  
  • 17. Become transparent  
  • 18. More money more problems  
  • 19. The power of story  
  • 20. It's okay to be unhappy  
Secrets 21 - 30 of influence online
  • 21. Processing incoming requests  
  • 22. Advertising works  
  • 23. A journey in social proof  
  • 24. Choose what influences us  
  • 25. Create freely  
  • 26. Unconscious competence  
  • 27. Sacrifice to success  
  • 28. The power of routine  
  • 29. Become your own champion  
  • 30. Work smart, not hard!  
Secrets 31 - 42 of influence online
  • 31. Negative motivation  
  • 32. Listen to your body  
  • 33. Ask and receive  
  • 34. More doesn't mean better  
  • 35. Choose your work carefully  
  • 36. There is no magic pill  
  • 37. You don't need to reinvent the wheel  
  • 38. The gift of imperfection  
  • 39. Be like water  
  • 40. 90% of success is just showing up  
  • 41. SFD  
  • 42. Our life's purpose  
Bonus section
  • MVP (Bonus)  
  • Start building your influence now!  
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