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About Life Coaching & Life Coach Training

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About this Course

I will teach you much of what I know about being a coach and attracting clients, etc. I can teach you all of that but you will have to be willing and able to put the time in to make it happen.

And we all seem to have this magical thing I call "attraction power". It's a mystery. Maybe it's karma. Maybe it's what you chose before you incarnated into you. Maybe if you work the Law of Attraction, it will get you what you want.

I don't know if any business is easy but I do know that it is about attracting and working with clients - working with them in a unique way so that their experience is everything it can be. That means that you will be honing your skills and growing as a coach and a human being for as long as you live.

You can apply this training to any kind of coaching or you can use it to complete some of the requirements to be a YOU University Coach (must complete YOU University first to be a YOU University coach. Other requirements upon request. You can email me at

Who this course is for:

  • This course is intended for anyone who wants to be a life coach or wants to investigate the possibility
  • It would also work for current coaches to get some reminders, some other coaches' views and some things they may not have thought of
  • People interested in learning about Emotion-Based Coaching and Maia Berens prior to contact with her
Basic knowledge
  • Interested in becoming a life coach
  • Self-awareness
  • Already a life coach and want to see what another one has to say
  • Or just want to know what life coaching is about
What you will learn
  • By the end of the course you can hang out your sign as a life coach
  • You might want additional training but if you feel ready to go, this might just get you going
  • To give you what I can without knowing you. If I ever work with you directly, you expect a whole lot more
Number of Lectures: 26
Total Duration: 02:36:45
The Teacher
  • Who Is Maia Berens?  
  • What's Covered in this Section  

    Get ready for a great course for beginners or seasoned veterans of life coaching. With a learn from everything (and everybody) attitude, you can't help picking up a few important ideas to move your business forward. This first short video is an introduction of what's covered in the Introduction.

  • Learn from Everything - and Teach It  

    I love to coach and help people uncover their talents and gifts. It’s like getting to live my much loved pastime every day. My favorite hobby for years now is to watch people grow. (download this and read more about my philosophy of how to be a great coach which is also my philosophy of life)

  • Practical Needs to Start a Coaching Business  

    A simple guide to the practical needs of a coach. If you have a phone and the ability to shut a door and have some privacy, you're almost ready to begin.

  • History of Life Coaching (plus Book List)  

    Attached is a book list with my 9 suggestions. The first two are directly about coaching and the rest will help you, I believe, in understanding more about yourself and therefore, your clients.

  • Qualities of an Entrepreneur  

    During a training session with a group of coaches, I asked them the question, "What do you think the qualities of an entrepreneur are?" Since we were all coaches and/or studying to be, the answers had a life coaching entrepreneur in mind. I've divided the list into Practical and Inherent qualities.

  • The Best Way to Learn to Be a Great Coach  

    I can't say it enough: HIRE A COACH. One of the best ways to learn is to be involved in the process that you want to offer others.

The Dream
  • Finding Balance  

    Please create 3-5 affirmations in each area of the circle that you want to change.

    Here is what Jack Canfield says to do:

    1. Start with the words “I am.” These are the two most powerful words in the English language.
    2. Use the present tense.
    3. State it in the positive. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want.
    4. Keep it brief.
    5. Make it specific.
    6. Include an action word ending with –ing.
    7. Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word.
    8. Make affirmations for yourself, not others.

    Examples of Daily Affirmations 

    Here’s an example of an affirmation following these guidelines:

    I am joyfully driving my new red Porsche Carrera convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

    Or if you are more ecologically minded, you can make that a new Tesla.

    You can use the following simple formula: I am so happy and grateful that I am now … and then fill in the blank.

    Some examples would be:

    I am so happy and grateful that I am now earning $150,000 a year.

    I am so happy and grateful that I am now celebrating having achieved my ideal weight of 140 pounds.

  • What Do You Want Your Coaching Practice to Look Like?  

    The questions on the slides can be downloaded and you can answer them as suggested.

  • Resistance  

    An example of resistance from my life: In the past two days I have found a bug in the Udemy system which caused a friend to look like he gave me one star when in fact that's not true at all. In addition, I dropped my partial bridge and thought it went into the inner workings of the stove. Turned out it was easily found after taking the stove half apart. Am I just a klutz? Do I just have bad luck? I don't think so. For some reason which I'm not clear on, I am creating weird stuff happening. Listen and see what you think.

  • Resistance Tool  
  • What's Your Niche?  

    Some good questions for you to ponder and write about and/or brainstorm about to discover what niche you will choose to market to.

Working with a Client
  • Working with a Client  

    Feel free to use these forms or alter them as you see fit.

  • My Use of the Client Interview Form  

    This one you want to view full screen. It's my Client Interview form and some explanation about why I use what I use.

  • Who Are You as a Coach?  

    Please don't ignore looking at these questions and answering for yourself. And if you haven't worked with any clients, get some.

  • Who You Are as a Coach Depends on Who You Are  

    As a coach you are helping people move forward in their lives. You are helping them get out of their own way so that their life is happening how they'd like it to happen. I personally believe it is my job to give my clients the tools so that after the magic of us working together is over, they have what they need to keep the forward movement in their life going. I also believe it is my job to empower them so much that they never lose sight of who they are again.

Changing Your Mindset
  • What to Pay Attention to  

    What might be in your way? What are your fears? Your thoughts about "rich people"?

Marketing and Fees
  • Marketing  

    As I said, I am not the marketing expert. I love teaching but I don't really love teaching marketing. Kat does so she is perfect for it.

    One of the things I did along the way was to attend a local networking group (where I ultimately determined, only business coaches got business because everyone wants to improve their business and doesn't see how the work I do might accomplish that). But the point of mentioning this is that with my 30 seconds in front of the room to introduce myself, my son wrote me the following poem:

    There's a subject I'd really like to broach.

    But this short time isn't much for a coach.

    My job is to give advice and tips.

    In the realm of life and relationships.

    But here I can't say much, just give a dose.

    I need more time, though I'm not verbose.

    While I'm not perfect and I'm no messiah.

    I help people plenty and my name is Maia.

    I'd like to end my little rhyme.

    Saying lets get together when we have more time.

  • The Meaning of Work and Fees  
  • Interview with Coach Who's Not "There" Yet  

    Meet Teri Henderson, YOU University Coach. Hear where she is two and half years after starting training. 

  • Interview with Coach Who Uses Intuition to Guide Her  

    You can reach Savina Cavallo on my website which you can find in my profile here on Udemy. Any one of the three coaches interviewed would love to talk to you about coaching with them - as would I. They would also be happy to tell you what it is like to be a coach. Ask us questions.

  • More About Training & Goodby  

    This is the end of the course. I hope you enjoyed it and I've put some things about my programs in the attached material. Please write your comments and rate the class (I hope it's a good rating :))

  • Afterthought on Tools and Growing  

    Basically, it's use it or lose it - just like in exercise. If you and/or your clients don't continuously use what you learn, nothing will change.

    You will see the introduction to YOU University 2.0 in this video. When I made this series my husband was there to support all of my work. Now he is supporting me from "the other side". 

  • S. African Coach on Emotion-Based Coaching  

    Thabi Zikalala is a YOU University Coach from who you will be hearing much more. She is an amazing woman, born into Apartheid and now leader amongst her people. Her story of exile, education and her journey back to S. Africa has the makings of a movie. She is not only a coach, she is also an engineer.

    In her not too distant future, she will be creating a non-profit organization helping S. Africans forgive each other in a deep and real emotional place just as she has forgiven the Apartheid government using her experience of healing. Because of her experience of healing, she wants to help her country heal further. The planet is blessed by her desire to take this healing to her country.

    Thabi feels that Nelson Mandela is unique. He has been able to forgive his enslavers however most S. Africans never got further than their head in true forgiveness. Because that is true, it is causing grave problems that freedom from the pain that S. Africans carry will alleviate.

    I can only say, "stay tuned".

Small Group Coaching and/or Training
  • Benefits of Training in a Group  
Bonus Material
  • All the places to find YOU University Coach Training  

    In this Bonus Video, you will be able to find out how to get involved in the possibility of training with YOU University Coaching and to become an Emotion-Based Coach.

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