Become a Fearless Minimalist - Discover the Fantastic Power of Frugality

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What is this course? - In this course I will teach you an amazing life skill called Minimalism, which no college, university, or workplace will teach you. Minimalism is also known as voluntary frugality. Once you learn minimalism you can confidently handle your life's ups and downs without any fear or putting yourself and your family in trouble. Once you become a minimalist you will also become financially and psychologically superior than the rest of the crowd.

Basic knowledge

What are the prerequisites?

  • There no special or technical prerequisites for this course other than being a breadwinner for the family or someone grappling with your finances. If you are such a person, then you will find this course highly useful,

What will you learn

Why such a course?

  • Most executives think that financial problems, bankruptcies, suicides, etc., only happen to some other people but not to them. So, they happily lead a lavish lifestyle and increase their standard of living. Secondly, they assume that their credentials, knowledge, and friends will keep them employed forever or help get new jobs. Or they think that their good deeds and positive thoughts will safeguard them. Sadly, they are mistaken
  • Nature is nasty, merciless, and it does not spare anyone. In fact, good people suffer more than bad people. Today’s unpredictable economy, downsizing, health, transfers, reorganizations, family issues, office politics, etc., can make even the most qualified employee unemployed. What if one door closes and another does not open? You are no different and could be living in a fool’s paradise without thinking about what will happen to you and your family if a disaster strikes you. Can you guarantee that you will not die or meet with any accident tomorrow? Surely, no

What will you gain?

  • This course is designed to help you overcome such risks and become a long distance runner in life and not a short distance runner. I recommend you go through this course in a slow and methodical manner to fully grasp the fantastic life skills being explained and implement them in your life. Depending on your state of mind, some of the advice may seem like a breath or fresh air and some advice may simply blow you away. I hope you find the course useful and interesting enough to spread the word around to your friends, colleagues, and relatives

Thanks for watching and good luck.

Course Curriculum
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