Course: Examining MBTI through a Leadership Lens

Examining MBTI through a Leadership Lens

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About this Course

Understanding the correlation between one's personality and leadership style is the basis to the start of achieving professional aspirations, formulating a strategy to be a guide and as a resource to aid in the development of both effective and reliable leadership skills. These steps are built upon a solid foundation for an understanding of MBTI personality type, leadership theories and the associated leadership preferences with each of the sixteen personality types. Students will become familiar with MBTI theory, personalities, popular leadership styles, leadership techniques and methodologies to develop oneself and others.

Course Objectives:

  • Explore and develop strategies to identify a personal leadership style
  • Understand the value and steps to exploring personality impact on leadership
  • Develop individual approaches for leadership development
  • Understand methods to increase effective leadership skills
  • Understand and make personal choices to develop oneself into a servant leader
  • Recognize the value of MBTI within the realm of one's professional life

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone can take this course
Basic knowledge
  • Possess a mindset for learning including: optimism, persistence, flexibility, resilience and empathy for fellow learners
What you will learn
  • Students will understand the dynamics and developmental options in aligning their personality type with an effective leadership style
Number of Lectures: 58
Total Duration: 05:53:24
Principles of Leadership Foundations
  • Why Learn Leadership  
  • A Learning Record  
  • What is Leadership  
  • Paradigms  
  • A Few Degrees  
  • Battleships  
Principles of Personality Preferences
  • Why Learn Personality Type  
  • Introducing Personality Type: MBTI  
  • MBTI Type Table  
  • MBTI True Type  
  • Personality Type to Enhance Communication  
  • Identify Type through Conversation  
  • Work Stressors  
Principles of Leadership Styles
  • Autocratic Leadership Style  
  • Charismatic Leadership Style  
  • Innovative Leadership Style  
  • Laissez-Faire Leadership Style  
  • Pace-Setter Leadership Style  
  • Servant Leadership Style  
  • Transformational Leadership Style  
  • Situational Leadership Style  
Principles of Setting a Vision
  • Foresight  
  • Mission Statement -Creation  
  • Drafting the Mission Statement  
  • Creating the Vision  
  • Negotiation  
  • Change Management  
Principles of Building a Community
  • Building Communities  
  • Stewardship  
  • Commitment to Others  
  • Bringing Out the Leaders in Employees  
  • Effective Communication Skills  
  • Barriers to Communication  
  • Encouraging Others  
Principles of Personal Development
  • The Servant Leader  
  • Be Proactive  
  • Learning From Failure  
  • Continuous Learning and Education  
  • Cultivating Lifelong Learning  
  • Self-Discipline and Routine  
  • Withdrawal, Pause, Reflect  
  • Practices and Conclusion  
Bonus Material
  • MBTI INFP Leadership Style  
  • MBTI INFJ Leadership Style  
  • MBTI INTJ Leadership Style  
  • MBTI INTP Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ISFJ Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ISFP Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ISTJ Leadership Style.  
  • MBTI ISTP Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ENFP Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ENFJ Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ENTJ Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ENTP Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ESFJ Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ESFP Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ESTJ Leadership Style  
  • MBTI ESTP Leadership Style  
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