Course: Hand analysis- a quick way to get to know someone

Hand analysis- a quick way to get to know someone

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About this Course

Wouldn't you like to obtain a wealth of information about the person from the hand and how they shake your hand? When you meet someone the first thing you see is the hand.

Using a process that is called chirognomy and combining this with a rudimentary body language interpretation you can see if this person will be the jealous type, cruel or the person you wish to have as your best buddy.Our hands are going to show you a side of yourself and others, that you may not have thought of, considered or known before.

What is chirognomy?

Hand analysis is divided into two areas: the interpretation of line formations (chiromancy), and the study of comparative shapes (overall hand structure, finger, palm, and thumb shape), called chirognomy. 

This course is especially beneficial for anyone working in a business, therapeutic or managerial environment or who has an interest in themselves and others. It also forms the base course for anyone who wishes to continue in studying the hand.

Basic knowledge
  • Eyesight and knowledge of English
What you will learn
  • Reading the hands is simple but it can show when you are not using all of the gifts you have been given. It can show you the strengths and weaknesses in yourself, your friends and colleagues
  • In this course we will explore how you can use the appearance of the hand to identify, strengths and weaknesses. You will learn to identify illness and disorders from looking at the nails and the skin.You will be able to understand what a person means when they shake your hand and the unconscious messages they are giving you.You can use what you see in their hands to build people up. You do that by talking to them about their inner talents and abilities, which they carry with them wherever they go and that cannot be taken from them, of course you can also break them down by telling them the weaknesses, but I hope you will not do that
Number of Lectures: 20
Total Duration: 02:17:35
Palm versus finger- the joints in the hand
  • Joints  

    At this point we are still looking at the hand in a macro manner. Soon we look at phalanges and lengths in more detail. Remember arthritis and older hands need some interpretation.. The truth is that you will usually see a mix of knuckle size and shape in hands. The proper analysis of these joints will depend upon the finger itself, as well as which knuckle is affected. With that in mind, let’s move on to the digits.

The skin
  • Skin tone  

    People come in a variety of colours. Once you can see the hand shape start looking at the colour of the hand to recognize how varied we really are. Even the black hand will have shades of colour. Remember colour is a vision aid not a state of being.

The fingers
  • What do the fingers represent  

    Using the element system we can determine how the shape of the hand and the dominant fingers will affect the personality. The weak fingers will also tell a story.

    You should now be looking at the fingers in your homework and categorizing the hands and the skin colour. If not keep trying, it will eventually come to you with practice. Hand reading is all about observing and many of us have not learned the skill of looking and have to teach ourselves to do this.

  • Finger length  

    The fingers bring an added message with their shape and how we use them. To do this again we develop a methodolgy to measure the finger length.

  • Finger shape  

    Notice how the fingers correspond to an element. We need to break them down to understand what this means. It's quite possible that you have a different shape on each finger. Any shapes out of the norm, such as a square (earth) tip on an air finger or a rounded (water) tip on fire is significant. So, simply combine the two characteristics. If  an Air finger or the pinky is pointy this means mean spiritual communication is vital. This is the mark of a spiritual adviser or psychic. It also means this person wants a partner who is willing to walk this path with them or at least endorse and support their mission.

  • Air finger  

    Our pinky or air finger deals with communication. Think of it as our antenna.

  • Fire Finger  

    The Fire / sun/ ring/Apollo finger is our creativity at work. The sun is used as this finger corresponds to Leo in astrology. The finger is also symbolized by Apollo, who hauls the sun across the sky each day in his chariot. Apollo types are attractive, brilliant, charming, graceful, artistic, and successful on the inside. Healthy dominant ring finger types are versatile, adaptable, creative, and expressive.

  • The Earth Finger  

    The earth or middle finger represents Saturn in astrology. Saturn was also the god of the harvest and in this zone is found all those serious aspects. The finger shows us how the person relates with integrity with others (honesty) and integrity with oneself (authenticity)here.

  • Water finger  

    Our internal relationship to our self is explored in this finger. It gives meaning to our existence in an internal manner, but it also tells us as well how that person will re-act to others.

  • The thumb  

    We could have a full course on the thumb. In some areas where they practice Hindu based Palmistry, all they will read is the thumb and often with astonishing accuracy!

    The thumb gives away our will power secrets. The thumb reveals how effectively you shape, control, and dominate all of your activities in life.

  • Rings  

    Ring analysis can be used as a fun party trick, or a serious study. The jury is out on them, however you will be amazed at what rings give away about the personality.

The nails
  • Nails  

    Nails are often used to show health issues in medicine. They show nutritional efficiencies and actual disease. We also use them to see the personality- a perfectly manicured hand shows a person who will be aware of their appearance, they may even be vain.

    If those nails are long and rectangular the person may be a social person. If they are talon shaped or triangular they will be more dramatic and probably delegate quite well. Oval nails will show a person who is imaginative and likes beauty. My experience with long oval nails is that they do not have much patience- in fact a little short tempered.

    A clean hand that has different nail lengths shows a person who has very little time to worry about their appearance and will be normally a hard worker if this is on a fire hand or earth hand. Different nail lengths may also show an independence of thought- this is not a person who will tread the acceptable paths of social interaction.

    Square well shaped nails may mean a person will be careful with money. Short finger nails normally show a critical person, the width may show analytical potential. Long square nails show a strong personality

    A earth hand with dirty nails shows a person who has no time for fripperies, they may even be slovenly.

    Bitten nails show stress and insecurities.

    Start recognizing the nails as a valuable tool to get to know the person.

Hand gestures and movements
  • What does the person do with their hands?  

    What does the person do with their hands?

    All though we are not doing a in depth body language in this course, we can deduct from movement certain things.

  • Handshakes  

    Handshakes are the first point of contact with a person. They can be strong, or weak. Culturally they may differ. Male and female show different aspects of themselves when they shake our hand.

Feel of the skin in the handshake
  • Skin temperature and feel  

    If the hand is well balanced or the interaction fast, this is the first time we may be able to make the connection with the person and tier personality.

  • Flexibility  

    The flexibility of the hand will lend weight to the personality diagnosis given by the feel of the skin.

Angles and curves
  • Angles and curves  

    Angles and curves tell a story

  • Mounts  

    Although we are not doing this in detail there are two areas of the palm you need to look at.

Interpretation examples
  • Interpretation  

    At this point we can make some assumptions. Although we have not done an depth reading we now know what to look for. Here are some examples of how you will confirm your diagnosis of this personality.

  • Cheat sheet  

    I cheat badly since I seem to have a memory like a sieve. I thought I would share this with you.

    This is also my way of saying goodbye and enjoy the hand analysis. If you want to know more then you are welcome to join us on the next course where we will explore lines and mounts on the hand

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