Course: How Not To Be So Afraid & Fearful Anymore!

How Not To Be So Afraid & Fearful Anymore!

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About this Course

This is a life and business leadership short course. You can complete the entire course watching and listening to the video presentations in under two hours. Then you can then think about it, review the ideas, read on your own, and even have an ongoing conversation with the instructor.

You are encouraged to get a friend or colleague to take the class along with you so that you can think and talk about the content and the actions suggested. That helps you to be a super-learner and a teacher, so that you can even teach the main points to others.

All of us will suffer in some way from the effects of fear in our life. We procrastinate, become risk averse, and often have troubles living our lives to the fullest.

In this course we will learn that of the hundreds of fears and phobias that can emotionally, and even physically challenge and limit us, that there are five big fears that can build on each other and become "killing" obstacles to our happiness and success in life. We will be challenged by the belief that, indeed, "fears kills everything."

We will lean what those fears and how to start to understand them and begin to limit them. You will be asked to start to develop some beliefs and strategies for limiting the power of fear in your life.

You will be encouraged to find that as fear is less a part of your life, that purpose, intention, and a strong sense of direction will give you the power to live with greater effectiveness, and true success in your life and business

Who this course is for:

  • This course is not for those people who feel that they have it all together and are already "fear-busting masters of the universe"
  • If you are thinking of making a major change in your life that is risky and that outcome is in doubt
  • If you are thinking of starting your own business make sure you take this course to help you deal with the fears that will come to you
  • If you own your own business or are an entrepreneur this course will help you understand better all the emotional ups and downs you are going through
Basic knowledge
  • You will need to believe that fear is a big part of life and we can never eliminate or be fully fearless, but we can live with less fear that can paralyze us and keep us from taking positive steps and actions
  • That the instructor is just like you, not a fearless superstar, but a fellow fear-fighter just like you
  • Think about the times when fear made you do something that you regretted or kept you from doing something that you now wish you had
What you will learn
  • Know how to identify the big five primary fears that kill your life and business success
  • Learn how to start to deal with these fears so that they have less control over your emotions and well-being
  • Begin to develop the thought and action habits that will keep these big fears from killing your energy, creativity, and hopes for success
  • Teach these ideas to your children, colleagues, and others who have problems with the fears in their life
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:42:45
Fear Kills Everything!
  • An Introduction to How to Live With Less Fear and More Power...  

    Here is an introduction to your instructor,Stan Hustad, and what you need to know and do to get the most benefit from this course to help you in your life and business to have less fear, and more power. 

  • The story of "Fear Kills Everything" and a "name a fear" assignment for you  

    You will be reminded of just how powerful fear can affect us and how pervasive it might be in our life and in our business. It not only affects our personal happiness but kills the vital things like creativity and confidence necessary for success in our career and business. You will resolve to start to live differently

  • How to best use this "Leadership short course" on living with less fear  

    Please remember that there is no way to live worry free. Fear is a part of the human condition. Here we seek to start to live with less fear. I also want us to understand that this a "heart" course as much as it is a "head" course. Please find a friend to join you in the course so you can discuss it together. Listen to the presentation a number of times so that you can have it become a part of your thinking.

The Big Five Fears that we need to understand so we can live with less fear
  • The powerful and primal fear of poverty  

    In our culture of necessary success and well-being, the fear of not having enough money is one of the key fears that often keeps us from taking the risks to achieve our goals and aspirations. Here we seek to understand it's power and start to deal with it.

  • The twin fears of failure and rejection will increase our fears and anxiety  

    We want to succeed, and do not want to be feel the humiliation of failure. We are social beings and we do not want be excluded or rejected. These powerful fears stifle so many things in our life and business, and they build upon each other leading us to not only be fearful, but full of fears.

  • The fear that we my be truly "worthless" is an awful feeling and a big fear  

    One of the reasons we may even fall from fear even into deep depression and worse, is the fear that we really have no value and real worth. If we feel and fear that way, success in almost any endeavor will escape us. Let's learn how to deal with this "killer" of the human spirit.

  • The final fear of the big five may be the source of all of our fears  

    One of the books that we should read, or understand, to better understand ourselves and our fears, is a classic book by Ernest Becker. Hear the story of this book and it's thesis and beliefs. You will be called to deal with it and to form some of your own fear-fighting beliefs. One CEO said that this one of the books he reads every year.

One more thing to help us live with less fear
  • Purpose and meaning in life reduces fear and increases your personal power  

    here we introduce you to the words and teachings of Viktor Frankl, and another book or study you need to do to deal with in fighting your fears and achieving success in difficult times. You will also be introduced to the "3% Club" of folks who live purpose, passion, poise, and a plan, so that they do have less fear and more power.

Epilogue - Indeed it all comes down to courage!
  • The two powerful "all things" to close up our class and call to action  

    Just listen to the stories, and then let him who has ears, let him hear and live with less fear! 

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