Course: I Will Teach What Billionaires Do First Thing in The Morning

I Will Teach What Billionaires Do First Thing in The Morning

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About this Course

In my many years as a broadcaster producing many hours of creative content and in almost as many years as a business performance coach I have discovered that the really successful folks are people who really know how to do the first three hours of the day so they can have a better day, get more pay, have a better year and a better life.

In this short class and course for busy leaders and movers and shakers, i am going to teach you what I have learned. You will learn a variety of get up and get going options to help you become the kind of business leader who is leading the way in your career and in your business and industry.

You will be on your way to being one of the select successful 3% who live their lives with purpose, power, poise, and a daily plan. How you start your day determine your destiny!

I will be ready to assist you as your teacher and mentor in any way.

Stan Hustad

Who this course is for:

  • if you do not care to improve your life and would prefer to just complain about how tough life is, then you might not like this course.. Everyone else will at least find three very useful suggestions on how to improve their life, work and have a better year Ahead
Basic knowledge
  • Be smart enough to want to get more out of your day and know that that will help you be happy and make more money
What you will learn
  • Know, and have to deal with the truth that highly successful people have a powerful and positive morning routine and ritual that makes them the most productive people in the work place and marketplace
  • Begin to do an audit of their own morning activities and routines and discover if they are dysfunctional or helping them be more successful
  • Be able to teach their colleagues, employees, students, and others how to get their" top of the morning" act together
Number of Lectures: 8
Total Duration: 00:38:02
How You Start your Day Determines Your Destiny
  • Let me introduce myself and mission and describe what we are going to do!  

    There is an old song and theme that says little things mean a lot! Here I challenge you to remember that what you do in the morning may have as much to do with your success than all of those college degrees, and all of that neat stuff you have learned ...and how sweet you are. How you start you day determine much of your destiny.

Now Here is The Deal of What We Should Do in The Morning!
  • Okay it is time to do a daily personal audit of all your activities and decide!  
  • Start your morning every evening. Yes that is what I said, now hear the story  

    Come on now let's think this through. Obviously the more you get done in the evening, the less you have to do in the morning. So don't just drink too much and watch TV, or do your Facebook, and then flop into bed ...take time in the evening to take a deep breath, think, and get ready for the next day of being at your best so you can make more money.

  • Wake Up, and what do do next! Stop wasting time, time is life and money  

    Are you a morning zombie? Most folks are so i challenge you to wake up and smell the coffee and decide how you are going to do the day. I will tell you how the real "Pros" do the things that matter that help them put a system, a ritual into their start of the day so they have more time to make more money.

  • Today you are going to be a learner and a teacher, if you are a leader. Be One!  

    Let me tell a secret ... The future belongs to the one who learns something new and vital every day, and the leadership spots go to those who teach people all the way. so take time to do the thinking that smart and savvy folks do. Use the time in the morning to decide how you will demonstrate your wisdom and insight to others, like your boss maybe.

  • Time for breakfast. How do you do that, and do you do it well!  

    No, a cup of coffee is not breakfast. Deciding on how you will do breakfast is vital. So here is how the smart folks do the first meal of the day to get the energy to be at their best and beat the competition. Learn the various doing breakfast things and th menu you might use.

  • Successful folks do some SOUL Work in the morning. What do youthink about that?  

    Let me ask you a question... do you have a soul?... do you have a spirit?... do you want to do what matters in life and business? Well then you might want to take a little time to also do what might be important. Listen to my little meditation and then you decide what you are going to do about my challenge.

It's Time For Some Final Thoughts and a Challenge. What is Going To Change?
  • Here is the challenge and will you accept it?  

    i always seek to say thank you, ask for feedback, will answer any questions, be grateful for recommendations, and suggest a challenge or project to make this whole Udemy learning deal more real, and to begin a relationship. So please honor me with your ear and attention for a few final minutes. Thanks so much.

    Stan Hustad 

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