Course: Self-love: Healing Mind & Emotions

Self-love: Healing Mind & Emotions

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About this Course

Self-love is necessary to bring in desired transformation in one self & one's life. This course is designed to help you enhance your Self -love with the help of mind & emotions techniques. Self-love can happen only when you can forgive & accept yourself completely & unconditionally. This course will enable you to do this easily.

Moreover, this uniquely designed course will erase painful memories from your life & empower you to eliminate patterns of stress, depression & anxiety . Thus, you will live & enjoy a life full of happiness, peace & wellness.

Furthermore, this course will help you to attract a life you love by aligning your inner world with your life goals & bringing in advantageous inner self transformation.

The SEVEN most powerful & effective mind & emotions tools will take you to the next level of life.

Basic knowledge
  • No specific requirement
  • Practice techniques in a quiet & peaceful place to get utmost benefit
What you will learn
  • Seven mind & emotions techniques that will change your life completely
  • To bring complete positive transformation in personality
  • To enhance Self-love & Self-confidence
  • To enhance Self-acceptance & Self-forgiveness capacity
  • To heal & re-imprint the patterns of depression, anxiety & stress
  • To eliminate unproductive & painful memories
  • To achieve Wellness: Healing of body, mind & soul
  • To live in Peace of mind & enhanced Focus
  • To enjoy Blissful relationships
  • To become a Magnetic Personality
  • To attract Compelling future
  • Easy & Effective Goals Materialization
Number of Lectures: 11
Total Duration: 01:06:08
  • Why to learn Self-love  
  • Trainer's Introduction  
  • What is Self-love  
  • Benefits of Self-love  
  • Self-love Technique  
  • Eliminating Past Painful Memories  
  • Overcoming feelings of stress, anxiety & depression  
  • Self-forgiveness technique  
  • Self-acceptance technique  
  • Goals materialization by neurological alignment  
  • Inner self transformation exercise  
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