Course: Take Back Control of Your Life: When and How to Say No

Take Back Control of Your Life: When and How to Say No

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About this Course

Are you sometimes not in control of your life?

Do you sometimes find yourself agreeing to things... and then regretting it?

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by life's choices and want to know which to take?

Of course.

But now there are answers. . .

'Time Management on Steroids' is how one person described this programme.

But that's wrong. You won't learn to manage your time. 


This means that you can start to say Yes to the right things and No to the rest. And that means more time for what matters and less stress from what doesn't.

Too many people find they need more time in their lives to do the things they want. And time management is not giving them enough of an answer.

Focusing on doing things effectively, just means you get more things done. Learning what to say Yes to and what to say No to, means getting the right things done and achieving more... by doing less.

But do you find the tiny little word 'No' alarmingly difficult to say? If you worry that it sounds negative, that people won't like you, that you'll miss an opportunity, or that something will go wrong if you say No, then you need this course.

Because these fears mean that you are no longer in control of your life.

Learn when to say NO and how to say NO.

If you don't, you'll regret it, every time you feel trapped into saying 'Yes'.

This course is delivered entirely as high quality videos delivered by author and professional speaker, Dr Mike Clayton. You will get unlimited lifetime access to 27 videos with nearly three-hours of high quality content. And I'll be adding more bonus videos from time to time too - which will appear, at no extra cost, in your course library.

I will also be on hand to answer your questions if you get stuck, puzzled, or just want to know more. As a professional trainer, this is what I do, and I promise to respond within 24 hours of your question arriving with me from Simpliv.

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Who is the target audience?

  • People who no longer feel in control of their lives... because you always seem to be doing the things that matter - to someone else
  • People who have studied time management and applied the principles... yet you still don't have enough time to do what really matters to you
  • People who know that 'NO' is often the right answer... but you hear yourself saying 'Yes' all the same
  • People who worry that 'No' sounds negative and will lose you respect, opportunities, and friends [Hint: It won't do any of these if you do it right.]
  • People who get stressed by the constant demands on them... if you want to stress less about the trivial, the unnecessary, and the things other people impose on you
  • For YOU, if you want to take back control of your life, do more of what matters, and live a better life
Basic knowledge
  • There are no course requirements, beyond a willingness to change the habits that have been holding you back for a lifetime
What you will learn
  • Make effective Yes or No choices
  • Be able to say No
  • Take back control of your life
  • Achieve more of what matters
  • Feel good about saying 'No'
  • Reduce your stress levels
Number of Lectures: 28
Total Duration: 02:49:39
The Why of No - why No matters and why it's hard to say.
  • Why is No Important?  

    This short introductory lecture will give students a clear idea of the value of saying No and the ways in which one word, used properly, can transform your life.

  • Why is No Difficult? Your Inner Gopher  

    This lecture will introduce you to the main reason why we find No such a difficult word to say: your inner gopher. This is your tendency to go-for-this and go-for-that. You will learn how to recognise the gopher and challenge the four basic reasons why you find No so difficult to say.

  • Why is No Difficult? Six things that Drive you to Say Yes  

    This lecture digs deeper into your psychology to discover six hidden drivers that can control our inclination to say Yes. Once you recognise what is going on, you will start to be able to exert control.

The What of No - What to say No to, and when to say it.
  • What to do to Challenge your Instincts on No  

    The first step in learning to say No is to build up the right instincts that will let you recognise No as an appropriate response, and how it can improve your life.

  • What to Say No to  

    After this lecture you will be able to recognise the nature of a request as one of four types of activity. Two of these demand a No, while two are worthwhile and permit a Yes.

  • Specific Things to Say No to  

    A short lecture listing examples of things to say No to and things to say Yes to. I bet none will really come as a surprise, but what may surprise you is how many things you should say No to, you have, until now, said Yes to.

  • When to Say No  

    This lecture will give you the seven criteria that you can use to determine Yes or No. After this, you will no longer have the excuse of not knowing what was right.

  • What are your Choices?  

    When someone asks you to do something, you could say Yes, or you could say No. But you have more choices than that, and a lot will depend on the timing. So, even if it is not a straight No, you will now have more choices than a plain Yes.

  • When to Say No to Relationships  

    Relationships start to go sour and create one of the biggest Yes/No dilemmas many of us will have to face. After this lecture, you will have the resources to assess a relationship and make the right decision for you: 'should I stay, or should I go'. (This lecture is equally about workplace, social and romantic relationships)

  • What does No Mean?  

    This is the lecture that will transform your understanding of No, from a negative word that upsets people to a positive statement of control.

  • What is Special Time?  

    Special time - A time to say yes to the right things.

The How of No - Here's the meat: how to say NO in lot's of situations.
  • How to be Happy with No  

    There are two types of people: those who tend to be happy with their choices and those who tend to worry that there was a better option somewhere. After this lecture you will be able to feel happy with your choices and therefore with your decision to say No to its alternatives.

  • How to Decide Yes or No: Six Tools to Help Make Your Decision  

    This lecture gives you a range of decision-making tools, to improve your Yes/No choices.

  • How to Decide Yes or No: Six Ways of Thinking about Any Problem  

    You've had six tools for making a decision (the last video).

    Now I'll give you six different ways of thinking about a problem, or making a decision.

  • How to Make No Feel Easier  

    You are getting very close to learning the technique for saying No, so after this lecture you will start to find No a little easier to say.

  • How to Say No  

    This is it; now it's time for you to learn the four step approach to a confident, assertive, No.

    After this, you will never again feel like you don't know how to say No, and nor will you feel guilty when you do say No.

  • How to say No to Friends and Loved Ones  

    They tend to be the toughest of all, so this short lecture offers you additional hints and tips for when you want (or even need) to say No to friends and loved ones.

  • How to say No to your Customers  

    Some say you should never say No to customers and clients. What do you think?

    I think you need to, sometimes, and this short lecture offers you additional hints and tips for when you want (or even need) to do it.

  • How to say No to False Assumptions  

    After this lecture you will be able to spot some of the common sources for faulty thinking and false assumptions, and make sure that you say Yes to the right things, by avoiding misleading or weak arguments.

  • How to say No to Temptation  

    Oscar Wilde said "The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it... I can resist everything but temptation."

    This short lecture offers you additional hints and tips for when you want to resist, and say No to treats and temptations

  • How to Say No to your Colleagues at Work  

    A short lecture with some tips on saying no at work.

  • How to Get on with it: How to say No to Procrastination  

    Procrastination is one the major frustrations for most people - your tendency to put off what matters and do other, less demanding things instead. After this lecture you will be able to say No to procrastination, and just get on with it, using one or more of the ten simple techniques I show you.

  • How to say No in Negotiations  

    Negotiations are something many people are nervous about, so if you are one of them, this extra introductory lecture will leave you better equipped to handle negotiations - from a family dinner to a business deal.

  • More Tips on How to Say No  

    When I got to the end of the lectures for this section, I realised I still had a few more short tips to offer you. So here they are.

The What if of No - Oh wait! What if? ...Don't worry; I've got you covered.
  • What if they Resist your No?  

    It's all very well saying No, but what if they reject it? This lecture examines the three levels of that resistance and offers you strategies to deal with each.

  • What if you want to Say Yes?  

    Life is not all No. What if you want to say Yes?

    This short lecture gives you two valuable techniques:

    • First, the way to say Yes on your own terms, and
    • Second, an introduction to the master principle for planning your day or week.
  • Four 'What if?' Questions  

    Yes still gives you choices. These four 'what if?' questions will expose them.

  • What if you don’t Follow my Advice?  

    What will you get if you follow the advice in this lecture course? And what will you get if you don't?

    Whether you take my advice or not is your choice, but whatever happens, I wish you well.

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