Course: Think and Grow Made Simple, Fast, and Fun

Think and Grow Made Simple, Fast, and Fun

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About this Course

Do You Want To Be The World’s Next Millionaire?

You’ve read a ton of success books, and taken a cazillion self-help seminars - but now you’re wondering why the hell you ain’t rich yet.

Simple. You haven’t taken this course.

After interviewing 500 millionaires over a 20 year period, Napoleon Hill compiled the world’s greatest scientific study on the accumulation of wealth in his book “Think & Grow Rich.”

Now you can learn his “Secrets” without effort - because we condensed the book into an easy-peasy, step-by-step process to help you become richer - faster.

No video over 5 minutes. Because less words means more impact.

Plus, we added fun and entertaining commentary to keep you awake in class. 

Learn Success Secrets from the Wealthiest People in American History

After observing the 500 millionaires in his study, Napoleon Hill identified 13 SUCCESS PRINCIPLES virtually every millionaire has used to achieve massive wealth.

In this course, you’ll learn HOW TO:

  • End procrastination forever
  • Maintain a red-hot, BURNING DESIRE to achieve your goal
  • Use your mind to reach your goals, instead of relying on physical labor
  • Create MONEY-MAKING IDEAS in your sleep. (Yeah, millionaires actually sleep on the job - and get paid very well for doing it!)
  • Tap into your subconscious, activate your 6th sense, and even turn your sexual desire into a magical money-making machine! (Yeah, you read that right, tiger…or tigress.)
  • Make a Choice To Become Filthy, Stinking Rich!

There’s never any guarantees - but you WILL build a solid foundation for success with our course.

Many people work hard to achieve success. Few know how to “Think” themselves rich.

Our fun & simple course helps you acquire the fundamentals you need to obtain any goal you desire - health, wealth, and even romance.

So get started today, and join our exclusive trip to Money-Town!

PS: Just scroll up and click “Take This Course” now to start your exciting, user-friendly training to achieve Uber success.

Who is the target audience?

  • Success-minded people ONLY - no whiners, wussies, or wimps!
  • Anyone who wants a short, simple refresher so they don’t have to reread Napoleon Hill’s book again and again and again
  • Anyone with a money-making idea (no sense letting genius die in your head)
  • Anyone who is tired of running on the hamster wheel - and getting nowhere!
  • Anyone who wants to quit their job - and become filthy, stinking rich!
Basic knowledge
  • A desire to succeed
  • That's all you need
What you will learn
  • Apply the Success Principles listed in THINK & GROW RICH, which was the result of a 20-year study of the richest millionaires American had produced during the early 1900's
  • Learn how to create money-making ideas
  • Overcome adversity, procrastination, and fear that prevents you from achieving wealth
  • Learn the 13 Success Principle that could make you Filthy, Stinking Rich!
  • Learn Success Secrets from America’s Wealthiest Millionaires
Number of Lectures: 15
Total Duration: 00:36:57
  • INTRO - "How Come I Ain't Rich Yet"  

    Students will realize there's the difference between "learning how to succeed" and "Applying Success Principles To Actually Achieve Success."

  • BURNING DESIRE - Putting a Fire Under Your Ass  

    Motivation. Students will learn the key ingredient to success - a burning desire. Dreams and wishful thinking are not enough. You must have a red-hot, raging inferno of desire to achieve ultimate success!

  • FAITH - If You Don't Believe, You Won't Achieve  

    FAITH - If You Don't Believe, You Won't Achieve

  • AUTO-SUGGESTION - Re-Program Yourself To Be Rich  

    "Brainwash" your own mind for success. This section teaches you how to maintain your "Burning Desire" even through hardship.

  • SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE - You Don't have To Be a Know-It-All\  

    General knowledge is useless. To succeed, you must have specialized knowledge -- or simply have access to people who can do what you can't. Often for free.

  • IMAGINATION - Where Dreams Come True  

    Ideas are the beginning point of all riches. This section teaches you techniques for enhancing your imagination, and achieving success by "Thinking” instead of working.

  • ORGANIZED PLANNING - Piss Poor Planning Gives You Piss Poor Results  

    Learn the importance writing down your plans, and then changing them when conditions force you to “adapt and overcome.”

  • DECISION – Enjoy A Quickie  

    The ability to make clear, quick decisions. Successful people get things done. They are decisive and they have a strong sense of urgency. No excuses.

  • PERSISTENCE – Enjoy a Mental Diet of Green Eggs & Ham  

    Overcome any obstacle through sheer will power. Learn to love the word “No” until it becomes a “Yes!” 

  • THE MASTER MIND – Going Out of Your Head  

    Learn to feed off the knowledge and energy of others to catapult yourself to success.

  • SEX TRANSMUTATION – The Greatest (And Strangest) Step Toward Riches  

    Redirect your sex drive to obtain wealth.

  • SUBCONSCIOUS – Your Designated Driver  

    Use your subconscious mind to create money-making ideas and develop powerful plans to turn those ideas into riches.

  • THE BRAIN – A Search Engine Better Than Google  

    More powerful than a super computer, your ability to tap into this incredible data processing organism will lead you to vast wealth.

  • THE SIXTH SENSE – The Secret Sauce  

    Condition your mind to notify you of opportunities in time to profit from them. This uncanny ability rises the millionaire far above the average man.

  • End  
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