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TOTAL REBOOT is just as the name implies, you will begin the process of rebooting your life and overhauling it to enhance your life and your personal power. The class is laid out into a five weeks or 35 days in which there will be one lecture that you will attend per week. Each lecture will be covering key concepts and takeaways for you to work on during the week. 

I designed this course based off of my own personal work and systems with helping first and foremost my own life. I found ways to help me stay on track and to build resilience into my life as well as consistency - these practices have been honed over the last ten years. They've worked so well that when I began coaching others on personal and business life mastery, I incorporated it into the coaching practice and my clients were able to begin seeing the power of these concepts in their own lives. 

Basic knowledge
  • You will be obtaining the course required supplies as well as add on to the course which will be apps or other classes, i.e. the meditation portion will have you download, or sign up for an additional class to couple with the teaching of this course. I ask that you put your full faith and trust into yourself and do the required tasks. I ask you to do this because it works!

What will you learn
  • Believe in the course, but most importantly - believe in yourself. I'm going to be giving you the tools and the how to's, it's ultimately up to you in regards to how much you actually take away from the course. Take the class week by week - Even if you would rather watch all the lectures at once that's fine. I would like for you to watch each new video lecture on the start of a new week as this class is designed to teach you concepts over the course of 35 days

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