Course: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

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About this Course

This course is all about helping you rediscover the power of your mind in creating your personal reality.

There is no magic or voodoo involved, just your beliefs, attitudes, expectations, and most importantly, your choices. These are all interlinked and if you don’t recognize these factors in your life, you will continue to achieve the same results in your life.

If you’re feeling frustrated, unhappy, desperate, broke, or hopeless, the good news is you can change your life. You just have to be ready for it and you just have to have the proper framework, and it all boils down to your mind.

Wouldn’t you like to live your life to its fullest potential?

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone Who Want to Know Why Their Dreams Did Not Come True?
  • Anyone Who Want to Reprogram Themselves Positively
  • Anyone Who is Tired of Being a Loser
Basic knowledge
  • An Open Mindset
  • A Willingness to Apply the Concepts Taught
What you will learn
  • Understand The Law of Cause and Effect
  • Understand Why Most of Your Dreams Did Not Come True
  • Identify Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Let Go of Limiting Beliefs
  • Dismantle Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Prove Your Limiting Beliefs Wrong
  • Reprogram Yourself With Positive Beliefs
  • Dream Like a Winner
  • Plan Like a Winner
  • Enjoy the Journey to Your Dream 
Number of Lectures: 46
Total Duration: 01:48:53
Section 1 - Introduction Before Delving Into The Five Steps To Achieve
  • Introduction To What We’ll Be Covering In This Course  
  • The ‘Law Of Cause & Effect’ Rules Every Aspect Of Your Life  
  • Your Life Is The Effect  
  • Why Don’t Most Of Your Dreams Come True?  
Section 2 – As Part Of The First Step To Achieving Victory
  • Your First Step To Victory Is Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs  
  • We Really Need To Encourage Personal Practice, So Lets Go Into That Now  
  • I Want You To Step Out From Behind Your Clouded Judgement And Get Real Now  
  • Let Me Share A Little Spoiler  
  • Here Comes The Difficult Part, Get Ready Because Many People Will Fall Down Here  
Section 3 – Let Go Of Your Limiting Beliefs
  • The Second Step To Achieving Victory Is Letting Go Of Limiting Beliefs  
  • You Need To Undermine Your Limiting Beliefs As They Do Effect Your Dreams  
  • Understand The Falseness  
  • Focus On What You Deserve  
  • It’s Now Time To Dismantle Your Limiting Beliefs Systematically And Methodically  
  • I Want You Now To List Each Of Your Limiting Beliefs Again, Lets Assess Them  
  • How It Holds You Back In Life  
  • You Need To Now Prove Your Limiting Beliefs Wrong, It’s Your Time To Shine  
  • List The Reasons Why These Limiting Beliefs Are Wrong Based On Your Experiences  
  • Now List Challenges Which Once You’ve Set Can Undermine Your Limiting Beliefs  
  • You Need To Understand The Impacts Of; Expectations, Assumptions, And Willpower  
Section 4 – We Need To Reprogram Ourselves
  • Reprogramming Yourself Positively  
  • Here Is A Very Basic Mindfulness Technique That You Must Try  
  • Look At Your Body As A Data Collection Device And Nothing Else  
  • You Must Be Crystal Clear About The Uplifting And Empowering Beliefs You’d Like  
Section 5 – Dream Like A Winner
  • Here We Have Your Fourth Step To Victory, It’s All About Dreaming Like A Winner  
  • I Want You To Be Mindful Of The Two Tracks You Can Progress Down  
  • You Need To Understand Why Emotional Urgency Is Extremely Important  
  • Practicality Is Extremely Important, But Why Is It, Let Me Explain For You  
  • You Must Tap Into The Power Of Visualization, Lets Discuss How To Do Just That  
  • The Bedrock Of Being Able To Solidly Visualize Comes Down To Imagination  
Section 6 – How To Plan Like Winners
  • The Fifth Step To Achieving Victory Is All About Planning Like A Winner  
  • Remember This When I Tell You, That There Are No Unrealistic Goals You Can Set  
  • It’s Time To Start Mapping Out Your Dream So You Can See Where You’re Going  
  • So What Things Need To Exactly Happen To Make Your Goals Come True?  
  • Lets Take A Slight Turn And Look At Alternative Paths To Achieving Your Goals  
  • Consider Practical Considerations  
  • It’s Now Time To Start Breaking Down The Actions You Need To Take  
  • I Want You To Also Breakdown The Timeline You Created To Achieving Your Goals  
  • This Is How You Can Start Sorting Actions Out Like A True Champion  
  • Let Me Just Touch On Some Time Management Basics With You Here  
Section 7 – Enjoy The Journey To Achieving Success In Life
  • You Must Remember To Enjoy The Journey To Your Dream It’s Crucial  
  • You Need To Give Yourself Permission To Enjoy The Journey To Your Goal  
  • You Need To Get Ready To Learn, Because Without Learning You’re Not Progressing  
  • The Best Way To Measure Happiness Is Through How Much You Overcome  
  • Your Dream Is More Fulfilling When You Enjoy The Present  
Section 8 – Set Everything In Motion And Achieve Your Goals
  • A Round Off To This Course And Set You On Your Victorious Journey  
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