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We all have seen people getting excited about the new year. They celebrate with their families and friends to welcome the start of the year. This is irrespective of region, language, religion, skin color or financial status. We all eagerly wait for 12 o’clock in night, when the last year ends and the new year starts. Why is that? 

New year is full of possibilities and hope. New year brings freshness and newness in the lives of people, even though the people and the conditions around them remain same. With the start of new year, we hope to solve our problems and resolve long pending issues to get peace of mind. We also look for the possibilities of doing something unique and great, which can change our life drastically. A new year brings with itself enough number of hours to get things done. 

Even if everything remains same, the people, their problems, environment, complexities of life and their relationship with others, we all welcome new year with enthusiasm. It is not about the condition of people, but about their mental state. New year means something new, fresh and full of hope. We find it positive, which is going to suck out negativity from our lives. We find new year different, which has the potential to bring happiness and success to our lives. We consider previous year as the past in which we have left our weaknesses, complexities and difficulties of life and work, while the new year is the future, which we can design it as we want. Past year looks out of our control, while new year looks in our control. Therefore, we embrace it with open hands and an expectation of great personal life and exciting work. 

Due to these reasons people find a lot of motivation to take challenges in the new year. New year resolution is the product of it. People make several New Year’s resolution to bring drastic changes to their lives, work, health, finance, and relationships. Everything looks great and exciting before the start of new year, but once the new year starts we find it hard to follow our resolutions. This story repeats every year. It is not about one year or two years, but every year. Why people make New Year’s resolutions every year, but are unable to follow or get the required outcomes out of them. It looks frustrating, but again there is New Year round the corner.

This course will try to solve this problem. We will make the right New Year’s resolution, and then follow them to achieve our goals. We have discussed powerful ideas and an effective methodology to allow you to guide your thinking process and direct your energy towards making the right New Year’s resolutions, for yourself and to get success in those resolutions.

Objective of the Course

Are to 

  • To understand the truth about the New Year’s resolution so that its power can be unleashed
  • To guide you to make the right New Year’s resolutions for yourself, with a logical methodology
  • To make you focus your energy in the implementation of the actions for achieving the required outcomes from your New Year’s resolution
  • Finally, to support you in making your own system for New Year’s resolutions so that you get success in coming years consistently

Who would need this course?

Let’s talk about the people for whom this course is designed and developed. 

  • If you are looking for the right way to make the New Year’s Resolution which can add to your success, then this course is for you to bring clarity in your mind
  • If you think that the start of new year is nothing but a boring next day, then this course can help you to make your next year as transformative for yourself
  • If you are looking for consistent growth in your life, then this course can help. If you are among those people who have previously made New Year’s resolutions, but have failed, and are looking for logical ways to make it a success, then you should take this course

What is expected from the learners

  • The learners have the freedom to take the course as they want, but it would be beneficial that they follow the flow of the course. Once the course is complete, they can choose any topic to reinforce the concepts by listening to specific lectures again
  • It would be important to complete the course, as all the topics and ideas are synergistically connected to each other
  • We expect learners to do all the exercises and follow the instructions as specified in each lecture, which would allow them to strengthen their concepts
  • This course is to build the fundamentals of developing and executing New Year’s Resolution. Keep learning and succeeding in your resolutions and goals by getting feedback and improving on your weak areas

Attached Documents

The documents attached to this course are: 

  • Workbook 
  • posters on various important concepts

Basic knowledge

Basic qualification required for the course

  • There is no minimum qualification required for this course, anyone who wants to understand about making the New Year’s Resolution and keeping them to get the required outcomes, can take this course
  • The medium of instruction is English, therefore you need to understand English, to get the value out of this course
  • You need to be committed enough to complete the course, and do its exercises with complete sincerity

How to do it

  • To get the maximum value out of this course, you need to start from the beginning, and move step by step forward. Follow the course with its flow. This is important, as to understand a topic, we need to get clarity about its previous topics
  • It is required that you follow the instructions as specified in each section. In some of the places it is asked to pause the video for an activity, while at other places, you would be asked to refer the documents provided with the course. Following the instructions would help you to become a better learner in the course
  • It is suggested that even if you have some brief understanding about a specific portion, it would be beneficial that you complete those topics in the course. It would act like the good revision for the topic or idea, and act as an opportunity to build a momentum for completing the course
  • You need to keep practicing by making new resolutions and getting success. The more you do it the better you will become at it

Index and flow of the course

How the course is structured and its flow: 

In the initial portion of the course we will educate you about the concept of New Year’s Resolution and the related topics. This would include general reasons for people making New Year’s Resolutions, success rate and why most of the people are not able to follow their resolutions. We will also cover most popular New Year’s Resolutions made by people in the past years, advantages and disadvantages of making New Year’s Resolutions. 

The next part of the course we will try to answer “Should you make resolutions?” We will then guide you through the process of finding your resolutions and then checking it for its genuineness. We will also identify the various strategies for keeping the resolutions to get results. In this portion we will also discuss about the different ways to develop “resolution mindset”. 

Finally, we will suggest you commonly made New Year’s Resolutions to ease your process of identifying your own New Year’s Resolution. 

We have also attached a workbook with this course, which you can utilize for doing the exercises either in printed format or digitally, on your devices.

What will you learn

What can you expect after completing this course

  • You will understand about the logic of New Year’s Resolution
  • You will develop skills to create the right New Year’s Resolution for yourself, which will work
  • You will be equipped to help others to succeed in their New Year Resolutions
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