Course: Corporate Business Planning and the Strategic Planning Framework

Corporate Business Planning and the Strategic Planning Framework

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About this Course

The setting for part One of this course is a High Level Business Design Workshop attended by corporate executives and facilitated by a professional consultant. Through this "Strategic Planning" workshop setting, participants get involved to first answer questions and then work collectively to build the corporate mission statement and identify industry forces that affect the business enterprise resulting ultimately in the formation of business strategies. This is an overview course describing how this work is done at the highest levels of a corporation.

Part Two of the class uses the above information gathered and defined and uses it to issue questionnaires and complete a Current Systems Assessment of the corporation.

Putting the two above sections together allows a corporation to identify "business and information systems gaps" that can then being to be addressed through strategic planning and project planning exercises, concluding with formal "Statements of Work" packages and "Business Cases" for initiatives; both of which are described in overview in this course.

So if this sort of project interests you, come aboard - you will get some great insights and usable templates and examples from this course that could position you to be able to facilitate your own strategic planning workshops.

Best wishes,

Dan Grijzenhout

Basic knowledge
  • To get the most value from this course, you should be working in a corporate, business environment and have some background in business or information systems strategy development
What you will learn

This course will teach you how to facilitate a business planning workshop. You will learn:

  • What goes into and how to construct a corporate mission statement
  • Learn what goes into a Statement of Work and how to develop a business case
  • Learn the Strategic Planning Framework and the steps involved in Strategic Corporate Planning
Number of Lectures: 13
Total Duration: 00:44:58
Introduction and Overview to Strategic Planning
  • Introduction and Overview to Strategic Planning  

    This course provides you with an example of the "Top Down" business modelling that is often done when you start a strategic corporate planning project coupled with some sample templates on how to do some information gathering - usually called the "Current Systems Analysis" phase of the project. Downstream steps - using outputs from this process - will get on with completing the strategy work and project identification work to be done and will conclude with a definition of Migration Planning work to be done - packaging identified statements of work that need to be completed into various project packages to be undertaken. 

    I hope you enjoy this course. Best wishes, - Dan Grijzenhout - course creator

  • The Strategic Planning Framework  

    This lecture lays out the various components of the total project work to be completed. It is designed to give the student an overview understanding of the full strategic planning project methodology that I have used successfully on numerous projects in my consulting career. 

    The "pyramid" pictorial image you will view in one of the first slides to be presented is an image that you will find particularly useful to show to potential clients you are trying to secure consulting engagements with - so be sure to download it for use with your own "consulting toolkit" that I hope you will be building as you go along.

  • High Level Business Design Workshop - Mission Statement  

    Mission Statement analysis and.or construction is the first task completed during a High Level Business Design Workshop - and most strategic planning engagements. Part of the "Top Down" consulting general methodology, this task when completed gives the full team an overview of the target vision for the corporation and what would be considered to be in scope and out of scope for drilled down strategic planning efforts. A Mission Statement defines what the corporation is all about - what it is trying to achieve. So give this task importance in your engagement work efforts.

  • HLBDW-Part 2: Business Drivers, Industry Forces and Entry Barriers  

    Within this lecture, I walk the student through a High Level Design workshop with client personnel attendees where Business Drivers such as Industry Forces, corporate strengths and weaknesses, competitor and supply chain pressures, stakeholder interests and Government regulations are discussed with a view to identifying "gaps to desired states" and then developing business strategies to address the Gaps.

Strategic Planning Process Model Templates
  • An Overview to the Strategic Planning Process  

    This video walks the student through a template set of steps that corporations go through during a strategic planning exercise. This is a tried and tested approach to doing this work and this "Flow" diagram of steps can be useful to you the consultant in proposals you write for services to be rendered.

  • Initial Statement of Work Development  

    This presentation walks the student through the different components that comprise a "Statement of Work" (SOW) deliverable document.

  • Building a Business Case  

    Do you want to learn how to build a good "Business Case" for an initiative or project you wish to take? Then watch this video to learn what goes into the development of one.

Current System Assessment Questionnaires and Analysis
  • Workshop Schedule Template  

    Workshop Schedule Template

  • Business Content Questionnaire - Applications Sold and Supported  

    Business Content Questionnaire - Applications Sold and Supported

  • Technical Support Questionnaire  

    Technical Support Questionnaire

  • Application and Process Assessments  

    Application and Process Assessments

  • End User Questionnaire  

    End User Questionnaire

  • Business Unit -Application Current Metrics  

    Business Unit -Application Current Metrics

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