Course: How to Thrive in a VUCA Work Environment

How to Thrive in a VUCA Work Environment

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About this Course

The acronym VUCA - Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous - was coined in the 1990s.

It describes many people's experience of their workplace extremely well.

In this kind of environment, it can be hard to feel like you are coping - let alone thriving.

That's certainly how I felt!

It's also something that training participants and seminar audiences have been asking me about for years. So I decided to collate the ten best tools and principles I know into a short, sharp course.

One of the most valuable approaches to thriving in a VUCA world is the Pareto Principle; the 80:20 rule...

The 80:20 rule says that you get 80 per cent of the value from the best 20 per cent of the ideas...

... when you apply it well.

So, here is the best 20 per cent.

Apply it well, and you'll make a huge difference to your success at work.

Good Luck!


Dr Mike Clayton

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for anyone who has to work in a volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous workplace
  • If that sounds like where you work, then you'll be familiar of the feeling of not being in control
  • If you want to be in control; if you want to cope; if you want to do more than that, and thrive; then this course will show you how
Basic knowledge
  • This course tells you everything you need to know
  • If you are familiar with volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity, then you are ready for this course
What you will learn
  • Thrive amidst volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.
  • Recognize the need to select what you focus on
  • Build a strategic network of valuable contacts
  • Know where to work at your peak
  • Scan your horizon for changes, trends, threats and opportunities
  • Harness the simple success system for life during change; the Powerhouse Loop
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 00:40:50
Volatile - Uncertain - Complex - Ambiguous: the Nature of VUCA
  • Introduction  

    What's this VUCA thing all about?

  • VUCA Prime  

    I'm not the first to think about how to deal with a VUCA work environment. Here is the concept of VUCA Prime.

Practical Approaches to Thriving in a VUCA Environment
  • Compelling Causes  

    What does prioritization look like when you take VUCA head on with a determination to succeed? A small number of Compelling Causes.

  • The Gemba  

    Where are you going to go to really understand the situation, in a volatile, complex, uncertain and ambiguous environment? The Gemba.

  • Strategic Networking  

    How can you build a strategic network of colleagues, friends and stakeholders that will empower and support you in a VUCA workplace?

  • The Powerhouse Peak  

    What is the optimum level of stress? It's the Powerhouse Peak.

  • Click, Bubble, and Hum  

    If you want to operate at your best in a VUCA world, you need to understand the different ways your brain operates, and when to deploy each.

  • Constructive Conduct  

    What is the secret to making way for success amid VUCA forces? Constructive Conduct.

  • Horizon Scanning  

    How can you know what is coming?

    How does a Meerkat see ahead? It pops its head up and scans the horizon.

  • The Powerhouse Modes  

    There are six modes you can deploy to respond to a VUCA environment and you'll see them all here.

  • Curiosity  

    One attitude is the secret to success in a an uncertain, complex and ambiguous world: Curiosity.

  • The Powerhouse Loop  

    One simple idea encapsulates the key to coping and thriving in the presence of complexity and change: the Powerhouse Loop.

Bonus Items: Yes, there's even more...
  • Empty Inbox  

    In a VUCA world, the constant flow of emails into your inbox can be a source overwhelm. 10,000 emails a year is not uncommon, and some people even get 20,000 or more.

    So how can you tame your inbox?

  • Better Decisions  

    In a VUCA world, making good decisions is both more important and more difficult.

    Here are ten tips to help you to make better decisions.

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