Course: Implementing an ERP System For Your Organization

Implementing an ERP System For Your Organization

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About this Course

Implementing a new ERP system is a daunting task for any CFO. An ERP system by design spans the breadth of the organization and as such requires a high level of coordination and collaboration across the business. With so many options available, the task of where to start and how to think through start up elements of your own ERP initiative can be daunting for any CFO.  

In this course, Jennifer Nicholson, a many-time CFO, who has recently gone through implementing a new ERP system shares with you her own insights and experience with the ERP implementation process. Whether you have begun already, are just beginning, or merely contemplating a change to your systems, this course will guide you through all the relevant stages of the implementation process.

Who should take this course? Who should not?

  • Anyone thinking about acquiring or upgrading their financial systems should take this course to better understand the process and requirements of an ERP implementation
Basic knowledge
  • You’ll get the most out of this course is you have familiarity with what information systems should do
What you will learn

At the end of my course, students will be able to...

  • Define what an ERP system is and describe its purpose.
  • Describe how to structure your ERP implementation initiatives
  • Discuss various approaches for configuring, deploying and selecting an ERP system
  • Discuss people and change management considerations of ERP implementation
  • Describe the need for data cleaning, testing, and user training
Number of Lectures: 13
Total Duration: 00:44:29
  • Introduction  
  • What is an ERP System  
  • Choosing a Deployment Stratergy  
  • How to Initiate Your ERP Project  
  • Vendor Selection For Your ERP Project  
  • People Aspect of ERP Implementation  
  • Approach to New ERP System  
  • ERP Testing Stratergy  
  • ERP Implementation Training Stratergy  
  • Managing Your ERP Budget  
  • Defining ERP Implementation Success  
Supporting Materials
  • Slides: ERP Implementation  
  • ERP Implementation Glossary/Index  
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