Course: Want to GROW with Google managers? Rush!

Want to GROW with Google managers? Rush!

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About this Course

Do managers matter in the organization?

Explore the development of Google's manager research study Oxygen since 2009.

What is more effective: a data-driven approach or a mere intuition?

Have a better understanding on why two other manager's behaviors were added to the list in 2018.

What is unbiasing? How to foster psychological safety?

According to Gallup, half of the employees don't know what is expected of them at work.

Improve your management skills by getting tips from Google.

This course containing 20 lectures will walk you through the development of the research study and after research trainings.

  • You will have an idea of what techniques, models and approaches Google uses to train its managers
  • You will understand more about Google's corporate culture
  • You will walk away from the course being more confident how to strengthen your management skills and adapt Google's methods to your organization
Basic knowledge
  • Be flexible and open-minded with research studies
What you will learn
  • You will explore the evolution of Google's manager research which started in 2009 and updated in 2018
  • You will learn the ten Oxygen behaviors of Google's best managers
  • You will have a deeper understanding on why the list of behaviors was expanded in 2018
  • You will discover Google's techniques on training managers
  • You will have an idea of Google's corporate culture
Number of Lectures: 20
Total Duration: 00:55:16
  • Intro  
  • Basic assumptions  
Evolution of Google's manager research in 2009
  • Background of the project  
  • Data-driven approach  
  • Do managers matter?  
  • Is being accessible more important than being technical?  
  • The Eight Oxygen behaviors  
Research update in 2018
  • Plus two  
  • Psychological safety  
  • Making the unconscious conscious by unbiasing  
  • The importance of establishing clear performance expectations  
  • The Ten Oxygen behaviors  
GROW with Google managers
  • After research trainings  
  • A great manager is a good coach  
  • The GROW model  
  • "One simple thing"  
  • Effective one-on-one meetings  
  • Manager feedback survey  
  • Rush! approach  
  • Google has a connection-type culture which ignores status differences  
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