Win-Win Negotiation and Conflict Management

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In the “Win-Win Negotiation and Conflict Management” course, you will learn strategies to create win-win negotiation agreements and develop a game plan for effective negotiation. In the module "Develop Your BATNA" students learn how to generate outside options (Best Alternative To Negotiated Agreements) to increase power and leverage at the bargaining table. In the module "Target Points and Anchoring" students learn how to optimally set goals and aspirations to avoid the “winner’s curse” and “chilling effect”. In the module "The Art of Concessions" students learn when and how to make concessions and convincingly persuade the counterparty to make concessions. In the module "Win-Win Negotiation" students learn specific techniques that result in better financial deals as well as improve relationships and trust at the negotiation table. In the module "Creating Value" students learn what to reveal and what to conceal and how to use information to build mutual gains. In the module "Interests, Rights, and Power" students examine their own conflict styles and understand how their communication style affects the quality and likelihood of successful conflict resolution. In the module "Conflict Escalation and Irrational People" students learn strategies on how to neutralize angry, emotional people, and successfully re-open negotiation when trust has been broken. In the module "Reputation and Ethics" students learn the 5 key metrics for assessing negotiation ethics and the 4 key types of negotiator reputations including, “cream puffs”, “nice-and-reasonable”, “tough-but-fair” and “liar-manipulators”.

Basic knowledge
  • Negotiation
  • BATNA, Reservation Price, Target Point
  • Concessions
  • Creating Value and De-escalating Conflict

What will you learn
  • Learn how to negotiate in a collaborative fashion in large and small business situations
Course Curriculum
Number of Lectures: 9 Total Duration: 00:50:08

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