Course: I Will Teach You How To Be a World Class Master Marketer

I Will Teach You How To Be a World Class Master Marketer

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About this Course

This is a course for you if you want to be successful as an entrepreneur, freelancer, small business owner, or independent professional. You need to know the three Powerful M's of how to be a world class performace marketer of you, your services, and the good things you offer. 

You don't have to be a genius because you can hire a genius if you need that level of knowledge, but you need to know the advanced basics and, you need to be a world class master of those basics

That is what i will help you with in this first of three lessons on how you need to become not just a person who can do marketing stuff, but that you have the mind and ways of thinking of a world -class marketer. 

You need to know these principles and practice them in your life and business. You need to teach them to your staff and you need to perform them with your clients and customers and with those you want to be your clients and customer. Let's start to be world-class and make make more money. i will help you and i look forward to that.

Stan Hustad

Who this course is for:

  • You are serious, you just don't want to know - you want to do great marketing and sell more good stuff and more of you and your services. Don't be a "well this sounds interesting" but you want to do this vital part of a successful business
  • This is the kind of course that a team - a whole group should take, study, and discuss together
Basic knowledge
  • Just be serious about taking time to do, not just know
What you will learn
  • Know what it takes to begin to think and act like a world class marketer so you can build a life and business where you know how to promote you and your business
  • Understand that to be a great sales and marketer is not just about what you do but is about who you are and how you live
  • Be able to understand and teach your colleagues how to begin to do simple to more complex marketing programs and campaigns
  • Be able to know that when it comes to 'how to do marketing" you can do this and understand how to do it
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:16:22
Get the promo straight and then understand the what we are going to do here
  • Watch our promo once again and know the direction we are going  

    Take time to write down the three things that go into why you sell and market you!

  • World-Class Marketing is a mind game so let's get your mind in gear  

    We begin by saying you have a marvelous mind, but in its marvels it can be your best friend or your worse enemy so before we can win the marketing competition we have to win the game of our mindset and attitudes... here is how we begin.

  • Marketing is helping people to say no fast! No wthat gets your attention!  

    Yes indeed, a master marketer knows that a lot of what people believe about sales and marketing is nonsense and great marketers are often counter-intuitive. We want the real " No thank you folks" to know it right away. and did you notice thaat the very title got your attention right away ... that's a marketing lesson in itself.

  • Now this is important. You must know about The Marketing Life. Here's the deal  

    This is like the TED tall of world-class marketing It is 18 minutes (like a TED talk) on one vital subject and this is the Stan Hustad Wha tit Takes trademark idea ...The Marketing Life. Please listen and respond.

  • Is time for an Intermission and other good stuff like why we do an intermission  

    Just watch the Intermission and listen ands then take a break...It's an intermission.

  • If you don't know The Secret Sign you are not a master marketer. So learn it!  

    I really mean this. Everybody is wearing a secret sign and if you do not read and pay attention to the sign you will fail as a marketer and that is why most marketing and most marketers fail. They don't read and do the sign. Don't be a failure.

  • Another marketing secret. Do you know the E word? Well now you can know it!  

    Once again we want you to know things that most so called marketers don't have a clue about and this is another one. Aren't you glad that you are a part of the course? I am glad you are, and that you are going to finish the course. Dood for you! Stan

  • Another secret - You must be a performer, an artist, a performance marketer  

    Remember this - All business is show business and if you don't put on a great show nobody will come to your business, and they won't buy your goods or services. So start to learn the performing arts and become a media savvy marketer and business person.

Since this is a show as well as a course - Here is the Encore and our thanks
  • Final Words, a Challenge and an Assignment  

    Thanks and now go to work!

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