Course: Algebra course builds strong foundation in Pre-algebra & Algebra 1

Algebra course builds strong foundation in Pre-algebra & Algebra 1

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About this Course

Why to study Algebra?

Math is incomplete without Algebra. Algebra is major part of Math. Algebra is everywhere in our lives. You cannot go for higher studies in Math without algebra. It is gateway to higher Math like Calculus, Geometry and Trigonometry. Algebra is foundational for advanced Math classes, as well as many other subjects. In fact, today’s modern industry rely totally on Algebra.

Algebra provides us with a basic language to describe real-world problems. The purpose of Algebra is to make it easy to state a mathematical relationship with its equations by using letters of the alphabet and other symbols. The formulas used to calculate different unknown are built using the language of algebra. Formulae are powerful as they tell us rules which work in every single situation. 

Learning algebra helps to develop your critical thinking skills, including problem solving and logical reasoning. Studying algebra helps your mind to think logically, break down and solve problems.

Algebra is one of the most important sections for any competitive exam. At least 8-10 questions appear in GMAT, GRE, CAT, Math Olympiad and other competitive exams from this topic. So if you desire to score a high percentile in quantitative aptitude, it is a must to have a good grasp over Algebra.



How this course is going to help you?

Sometimes Algebra remains week part of your math skills, in that case you start thinking of leaving Math in early stages of your education. It becomes the reason for many career options becomes closed for you. Due to weak foundation of algebra, it becomes tough to clear entrance exams like SAT/GMAT/GRE/ACT/University entrance.

 This course is going to build strong foundation of algebraic skills within a few hours. This course is helping you to get equipped with major techniques to tackle higher Algebra easily and is stepping stone to your journey towards higher Math and makes you confident in Mathematics.

The course covers all the fundamental concepts of Algebra and is designed for anyone with little or no previous knowledge of the topic. So no more struggle with Algebra.

The course consists of 84 video lectures divided into 17 sections along with a variety of easy and difficult problems for each section. As the course progresses, basic facts, concepts, terms, principles and application are added to help the student understand the topics in the best way. In most of the lectures, theory is explained in an interactive and practical format and then further explained with questions to ensure a good grasp on the topic. 

Course Covers 

  • Basic Terminology of Algebra 
  • Finding Numerical Value of Algebraic Expressions 
  • Addition and Subtraction of Algebraic Expressions  
  • Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Expressions 
  • Directed Numbers (Integers) 
  • Higher Indices (Exponent) 
  • Brackets in Algebra 
  • Linear Equations in One Variables 
  • Identities 
  • Change of Subject of Formula 
  • Linear Inequalities 
  • Factorization 
  • Simplification of Algebraic Fractions 
  • Coordinate Axis –Points and Line Graph 
  • Simultaneous Linear Equations in Two Variables 
  • Quadratic Equations

 Curriculum of the course is aligned with all the boards so any body from any country can take the course. You’ll learn the skills quickly and effectively with no time wastage. 

Good luck & I hope you will enjoy the course.

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Who this course is for:

  • GMAT, GRE and MBA entrance exams students looking for revision of Algebra fundamentals
  • Wants to brush up basics of algebra in Mathematics
  • Current IGCSE students because course is designed to cover topics of Algebra
  • Current Algebra students of CBSE, ICSE board.
  • Middle school, High school or early college level students
  • If Algebra is always trouble for you then this course is specially for you as it will teach from very
  • Basics to in depth knowledge giving lots of practice through solving problems
  • Students who wants to learn all types of factorization especially middle term split
  • High school students who have gaps in their knowledge and would like to fill them with basics
Basic knowledge
  • Knowledge of Mathematics till 5th grade
What you will learn
  • Higher Indices - Laws of Indices (Exponent)
  • Formula - Change the subject of formula
  • Rational Expressions - Simplification of Algebraic Fractions to its lowest form
  • BODMAS - Adding and removing brackets in algebraic expressions
  • Graphs - Coordinate Axis, Points and Line Graph
  • Linear equations in one variable and word problems
  • Linear Inequalities
  • Simultaneous linear equations- Graphical method, Substitution method, Equating coefficient & cross multiplication method
  • Graphical method of solving simultaneous linear equations
  • Word problems with the help of simultaneous linear equations
  • Quadratic equations using Factorization method and Quadratic Formula
  • Quadratic equations using squaring complete method
  • Equations reducible to quadratic equations
  • Word problems of Quadratic equations
  • Quadratic polynomials
  • Knowledge of nature of roots of quadratic equations
  • Zeros of polynomials α, β & γ
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division of Algebraic Expressions
  • Remainder Theorem & Factor Theorem
  • Directed Numbers (Integers)
  • Finding Numerical Value of Algebraic Expressions
  • Factorization Techniques like common factors, regrouping, splitting the middle term and Using identities
  • Algebraic Identities like (a - b) ², (a + b) ³, a ³ - b ³, (a + b + c) ² etc
Number of Lectures: 83
Total Duration: 11:00:44
Fundamental concepts of Algebra
  • What is Algebra?  
  • Simple Equations  
  • What are Polynomial?  
  • Terms in Polynomials  
  • Degree of Polynomials  
  • Writing statements to algebraic form  
  • Quiz Based on fundamental concepts  
Operation on Algebraic expressions
  • Integers and common mistakes in solving integers  
  • Arrangement of Terms  
  • Powers on integers  
  • Simplification using BODMAS  
  • Distributive Properties in Polynomials  
  • Simplify Polynomials  
  • Addition of Polynomials  
  • Subtractions of Polynomials  
  • Operation on Algebraic expressions  
Indices (Exponent)
  • The rules of Indices in algebra  
  • Fractional indices  
  • Understanding indices (Practice Questions)  
  • Problems from IGCSE Last year papers  
  • Section 4 Indices (Exponent)  
Multiplication and division of Algebraic expressions
  • Multiplication of monomial to Polynomial  
  • Multiplication of Polynomial by Polynomial  
  • Division of algebraic expression by a monomial  
  • Division of algebraic expression by another polynomial  
  • Division of a polynomial by another polynomial with remainder  
  • Multiplication and division of Algebraic expressions  
Brackets in Algebra
  • Rules of brackets  
  • Simplification by removing brackets  
  • Brackets in Algebra  
Linear equations in one variables
  • Simplification of algebraic fractions  
  • Rules to solve linear equations in one variable  
  • Solving linear equations in one variable  
  • Solving complex linear equations in one variable  
  • word problems on linear equations in one variable  
  • Linear equations in one variables  
Algebraic Identities
  • What are Identities?  
  • Identity (a + b) ²  
  • Identity (a - b) ² square of difference of two numbers  
  • Identity a² - b² = (a-b) (a +b)  
  • Standard Identities (a + b + c) ² = a ² + b ² + c ² + 2 ab + 2 ac +2 bc  
  • Identity (x + a) (x + b) Identity Derivation & Application  
  • Pascal’s Triangle & Identity (a + b) ³  
  • Identities (a - b) ³, (a ³ + b ³) and (a ³ - b ³)  
  • Standard Identities a ³ + b ³ + c ³ - 3 a b c  
  • Algebraic Identities  
Formula: change of subject of formula
  • Changing the subject of formula  
  • Formula : change of subject of formula  
Linear Inequalities
  • Linear Inequalities  
  • Linear Ineqaulities  
Resolve into factors
  • Factorization by taking out common factor  
  • Factorization by grouping the terms  
  • Factorize using identity a ² - b ²  
  • Factorize using identity (a + b) ² and (a - b) ²  
  • Factorize using identity (a + b + c) ²  
  • Factorization by middle term split  
  • Resolve into factors  
Algebraic Fractions
  • Algebraic fractions  
  • Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions)  
Coordinate axis –points and line graph
  • All that you need to know about co ordinate axis  
  • Some important facts needed to draw line graph  
  • How to draw a line graph on coordinate plane?  
  • Drawing line graphs  
  • Coordinate axis –points and line graph  
System of Simultaneous Linear Equations in two variables
  • Simultaneous Linear Equations in two variables- intro  
  • Graphical method of solving linear equations  
  • Graphical method - more sums  
  • Method of Elimination by substitution  
  • Method of Elimination by Equating coefficients  
  • Method of Elimination by cross multiplication  
  • Equations reducible to simultaneous linear equations  
  • Word Problems on Linear equations  
  • System of Simultaneous Linear Equations in two variables  
  • Polynomials and Zeros of polynomials  
  • Remainder Theorem  
  • Factor Theorem  
  • Practice problems on Remainder and Factor Theorem  
  • Factorization using factor Theorem  
  • Polynomials  
Quadratic polynomials
  • Zeros of polynomials α, β & γ  
  • Relation between zeros and coefficients of a polynomials  
  • Writing polynomials if zeros are given  
  • Practice problems on zeros of polynomials  
  • Problems solving with α and β (part 1)  
  • Problems solving with α and β (part 2)  
Quadratic Equations
  • What are Quadratic equations?  
  • Solutions by factorization method  
  • Solutions by completing square formula  
  • Deriving Quadratic formula  
  • Practice problems by Quadratic formula  
  • Solving complex quadratic equations by Quadratic Formula  
  • Solutions of reducible to Quadratic Formula  
  • Skilled problems on Quadratic Equations  
  • Exponential problems reducible to Quadratic Equations  
  • Nature of Roots of Quadratic Equations  
  • Word problems on quadratic Equations Part 1  
  • Word problems on quadratic Equations Part 2  
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