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Communicating Your Message

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About this Course

How to Create Winning Messages

Imagine yourself going into every media interview with the perfect, winning message. Whether it is a feel-good story or a crisis, reporters will feel satisfied that you have delivered a compelling message. And you will know that you communicated exactly what was most important to you.

This "How to Create Winning Messages" course will teach you how to go from 50 or 100 interesting messages down to your three most important messages. The key to mastering media interviews is not necessarily knowing the answer to every question, but having a coherent message thought out in advance of the interview. This course will teach you specifically how to come up with messages that satisfy you, the media and the audience. Specific screens will be used to eliminate bad messages.

Why take the risk of even one more day of delivering mixed messages to the media? Sign up today for this course today.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

The trainer has produced more than 100 online courses on spoken communication and has produced more than 10,000 talking head videos himself.

Who is the target audience?

  • Executives
  • Spokespeople
  • Public Relations executives
  • Marketing executives
  • Authors
  • Experts
Basic knowledge
  • You will need to be able to record your messages on video using a cell phone or webcam
What you will learn
  • Create winning media messages
  • Formulate talking points
  • Eliminate fluff from media messages
Number of Lectures: 23
Total Duration: 00:32:42
Winning Messages Will Help You accomplish Your Goals
  • This Basic Building Block of the Interview Will Protect You  
Learn the Simplest, Fastest Way of Creating Messages
  • You Can Simplify Without Being Overly Simplistic  
  • Tricks for Framing Your Message  
  • All Basic Questions Must Be Answered  
  • Reporters Will Find You Fascinating If You Do This  
  • The Media Audience Will Be Eating Out of Your Hand  
  • Your Media Message Needs to Benefit You  
  • Three is the Perfect Number of Media Messages  
  • Media Messages using a Venn Diagram  
  • Have a Positive Media Message  
  • Add Quantifiable Results to Your Media Message  
  • What Problem are you solving, Media Message  
  • Assignment - Create your own Media Message  
Testing Messages
  • Test on Yourself  
  • Test on Others  
  • Conclusion  
  • Feedback  
Housekeeping Matters
  • Who is TJ Walker?  
  • If You Like to Learn by Reading  
  • Your Questions Will Be Answered Here, In Video  
  • Bonus Reading Media Training Success  
  • Bonus Reading Media Training A to Z  
  • 1001 Ways to Wow the Media  
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