Course: Format a self-published E-Book

Format a self-published E-Book

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About this Course

This short course will enable you to effectively and efficiently format a Microsoft® Word document for E-Book use.

Whether you’re a novice Word user or an expert, a new writer or an experienced one, you’ll gain real skills that can be used immediately.

Guiding you through the course in a relaxed style is Ian Andrew, owner of the Book Reality Experience, an Indy author in his own right and a former accredited Microsoft® trainer. He’ll ease you through the techniques that will allow you to master and control your Word formatting.

So come on in, find the skills you need and get your E-Book the way you want it.

Basic knowledge
  • You will get the most from this course if you have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word
What you will learn
  • You’ll learn how to control formatting to ensure your E-Book looks how you want it to look, and you’ll be able to prepare your manuscript for swift conversion into Amazon's Kindle Mobi format and the more universal E-Publication format
  • Running just over an hour in total, the course is in 'bite-size' training elements that can be squeezed into any coffee break, letting you go at your own pace and learn quickly without tying you to your keyboard for days
Number of Lectures: 14
Total Duration: 01:08:57
Introduction to the Course
  • What's in the Course?  

    What you will learn on this short course.

Page Setup for E-Book
  • Page Set-up for E-Book  

    What is needed in an ebook page setup (and what isn't)

Download the Document Template
  • Download the Word Template  

    Download this document to enable you to follow the course examples

  • Download the Word Document  

    Download this word document to follow along with the course work and examples

Formatting Using Styles
  • Revealing Format Marks  

    How to "see" what is going on inside your document.

  • Mastering Word's Built-in Styles  

    Using the built-in styles of Microsoft Word

  • Creating and Using Styles  

    Creating your own styles in Microsoft Word

Front and End Matter
  • End Matter  

    What is at the back of a book?

  • End Matter - Linking to Reviews and Author's Contacts  

    How to make your readers follow links.

  • End Matter - Connecting to Other Book Titles  

    How to tell your readers about your other books.

  • Front Matter  

    What's at the start of a book?

  • Front Matter - Table of Contents  

    How to make a dynamically linked Table of Contents for your ebook.

Saving your Document
  • Saving for Mobi and E-Pub  

    How to save out the different format masters.

  • Download the revision sheet  

    Download this quick guide to help you in the future

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