Course: I Will Teach You To Be A Radio/TV Person to Be a Online Star

I Will Teach You To Be A Radio/TV Person to Be a Online Star

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About this Course

Today most people get their information from radio, television, Youtube, and all kinds of digital and electronic media using the world of the online world wide web. However once you realize that your paper dead-tree marketing is dead and that cold calling on the telephone is not only futile, but in some cases illegal; how can you get your message out to others

I believe after many years as a radio broadcaster that learning and using many of the principles, practices, and performances known and used by broadcasters, can help you get your message out through the maze of media out there.

In this 90 minute 9 sessions all video lessons course, I will get you started to think and act like a broadcaster so you can do a better online courses, do a better YouTube video, and start to become a bit of a celebrity to the folks who can benefit from what you know and what you do.

Who knows you just might be able to make living online by broadcasting, teaching, or attracting people to you and your business.

I look forward to hearing you on the radio!


Who this course is for:

  • This course if for anybody who want to build their influence and make their mark in the world of business, education, politics and social advocacy
  • This course is for beginners to aspiring professionals. All can learn something from this course.
  • There are no requirements or previous knowledge required
Basic knowledge
  • There are some basic equipment and software requirements that are outlined in the course introduction and preview
What you will learn
  • Begin to do internet broadcasting or using broadcast principles to make your online presence more powerful and effective.
  • Teach some basic broadcast skills to your friends and colleagues
  • have confidence that when it comes beginning broadcasting ... You can do it!
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 01:25:36
Getting Started On Thinking Like a Broadcaster to Make More Money Online
  • Get On The Radio - What It's all about!  

    Get On The Radio - What It's all about!

  • You're Fired! ... Now what do you do!  

    I believe that an effective broadcaster begins to view their work and their role differently from the average worker, performer, and instructor. Here I "fire you" and and ask you to begin to take a new role and responsibility in the work that you do. 

  • This class will grow and get better for you and with you ... find out how  

    I believe that learning new and good things is not just a class or course, or an event. It should be ongoing, and it it should lead to continual learning and a growing relationship between the teacher and the learner. Here is how I hope to achieve that. 

Five Important Things to Know, Understand and Put Into Practice in Broadcasting
  • Remember always that in broadcasting ... "You are the message"  

    One of the most challenging things for the new broadcaster is to understand that they are the message in most ways and to most people. We all would like to believe that is the content, the information, the material that we cover and all the valuable ideas that we have to share that are useful to the listener and the viewer. All that matters but even more so is the person, the persona, and the performance that you give that not only adds to or distracts from the message, but indeed shapes it and defines it. Here I help you think about that, and get started in "being a better message." 

  • Remember in broadcasting ... Know who you are talking to!  

    Now that you know how important you are, it is time to discover how important it is that we know who we are talking to, and who we would like to talk to. Your program, class, or presentation in broadcasting must be very focused on the specific audience you have or want to have. Again, we would like to think it is the show, the music, and the content of our media creation ... but alas if we don't pay close attention to the folks we are talking to, nothing good is usually going to happen that we want. Here I help you begin to think about the listener/ viewer..

  • Remember in broadcasting ... They can leave anytime they want. Stop them!  

    If I am teaching a class, holding a meeting, giving a speech or talk, preaching a sermon, in specific place, it may be difficult or embarrassing for a person to just tune out or get up and leave. But on the media, in broadcasting, there is no such reluctance thanks to the modern-day "click- and-switch" machine ... Here I tell you the story and why i always thank you for "coming back." Because you did not have to. Let's learn more on how we can better stop them from leaving. 

  • Remember in broadcasting .... You need to know the secret formula AIDDA  

    What if you could get over 100 million people to hear about you, your class, your business, or your point of view ... what would you do? Well that is why one of the most important things to learn is what I call the power of the Super Bowl Commercial, where you have one-minute to tell your story. This is one of the most important 15+ minutes for you to learn how to be a powerful communicator, Speaker, sales person and broadcaster. learn how to work the formula and put it to work for you! 

  • Remember in broadcasting ... You are "the voice."  

    As you will find out in the final message I believe that personal and powerful authenticity, caring for those who give time to listen to you and what you say, is so very important. But to make the media, radio, television, video, and even public speaking opportunities more effective, you must pay attention to the quality and the sound and performance of your voice. Here I take a little time to give you some tips and encouragement so that you too can become, "The Voice" in your classes, programs, shows, and presentations. 

Successful Broadcasters Know That It is Not Just About Content and Information
  • Remember in broadcasting this is the vital key to your success  
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