Course: I Will Teach You To Do a Powerful Live TV/Video Resume

I Will Teach You To Do a Powerful Live TV/Video Resume

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About this Course

Dead Tree Marketing is Dead! Do you know what that means? Well you better if you want to be successful in your life, your career, and business. And your Dead Tree Resume is also dead and if you want to be different, engaging, unique, and attractive in putting your best performance on your online platform, you must learn how to do a video resume.

I will teach you why and how to do a video resume. I will teach you how to start, what to say, and the things you need to do and avoid in doing a video resume. 

I will coach you so you can do your first one, and then go and get better from there. I will challenge you to now only have a video resume, but a whole portfolio of videos, shows, and presentations that attract job and gig and customer opportunities. All this in a one hour show and the offer to coach you independently from time to time. 

I look forward to your shedding your dead tree stuff and becoming fully alive.

Your teacher,

Stan Hustad

Who this course is for:

  • Everyone today needs to know how to use talking head and other videos to position themselves in the marketplace today
Basic knowledge
  • That many of the things they have formerly believed may be wrong and that they may have to consider some change and new ways of doing good things
What you will learn
  • Know why they must do a live video resume and how to begin doing that
  • Understand both the problems and opportunities in building a powerful video resume.
  • How to actually create and do a video resume not only for a job interview but for any social media platform
  • To see the possibility of using your resume as a way to build a powerful online platform
Number of Lectures: 9
Total Duration: 00:47:08
Why You Have to Do a Video Resume Right Now
  • Watch the promo for the course and show again, and see how it works as a video  

    Just watch this and see how I try to bring you into the show. What did i do to get your attention and ask you to join...Stan

  • Now this is the introduction that will tell you why you need to do the work  

    Again, in an engaging way, and entertaining, and hopefully educating i seek to get you more committed to doing a video resume. Again don't listen to just the information but watch how I seek to keep you learning from me in programs that are under three minutes. Stan

Now It Is Time To Stop Talking about Why and Talk and Show you How to To This
  • Indeed DTMD - Dead tree marketing is dead, and let's make sure you are alive  

    This is a vital principle that I learned many years ago from Seth Godin, and yet today most marketers and persuasion professional and good amateurs just don't get DTMD. Now you will get it and start to figure out what to do about it. Stan

  • it's so sad to discover that most folks don't care about your message!  

    It is one of the most disturbing and challenging truths about sales, marketing, and the marketplace. It is a hard world and we must deal with the truth that most folks just don't care about you and your message . So what are you going to do about that? Let me help you. Stan

  • Don't tell people how great you were in the past, they don't care. Get it!  

    More on the mistake that we often make in resumes of all kinds. Tell people how you can help them in the right now and in the future and then actually help them now. Stan

  • AIDDA=you must know this formula if you want to persuade anybody about anything  

    I am very serious about this. if you want to be successful in any endeavor , you must learn the AIDDA formula and you might even want to take a whole short course for all the details of AIDDA. it is vital in our media marketing world. let's learn how to know it and do it.  Stan

  • The four words that describe your show play book to make your resume  

    Yes, and now to do the shows remember that there are four words that you need to write down and think about and then do the work of planning and practicing how your program should work. Listen and then plan your show and ask me questions. Stan

  • Now here we go with the final steps and actions to do the resume show  

    Now just listen and then start working on your script and or show and prepare to do it and submit to the world and see what happens. Stan

Final words and and how to make this resume the start of your pro portfolio
  • I always challenge in all my courses and here it is ... Just for you!  

    Yes take the challenge. if you put into practice these ideas, skills, and performance, it might not just change your career and business; it could even change you life. Just risk it, Just go for it. all the best ... Stan

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