Course: Media Training for Print/Online Interviews-Get Great Quotes

Media Training for Print/Online Interviews-Get Great Quotes

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About this Course

Imagine knowing before a news interview starts, exactly what quotes of yours are going to end up in that newspaper or online publication. You can control not only your messages but your sound bites and quotes that get into final stories.

You never have to be fearful of reporters again.

This course is designed specifically for people who are about to do media interviews with print reporters and online journalists (There is no on-camera TV training in this course). Students will learn exactly how to shape a media message, answer questions from reporters and speak in sound bites. If you are nervous or uncertain about how to get through news media interview with a newspaper or text-based journalist, this course is specifically designed for you. The course has numerous specific videos outlining step-by-step the process you need to take in preparing for interviews. If you want to gain control of interviews and avoid career-damaging quotes, this media training course is designed for you.

Why go through even one more day lacking the skills you need to master print and online media interviews. Why take the risk of doing a bad or mediocre media interview when you could be giving great interviews, starting today. Sign up for this course now.

There is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee for this course. And the instructor also provides an enhanced guarantee.

Who is the target audience?

  • Business executives
  • Public officials
  • Managers
  • PR executives
  • Crisis managers
Basic knowledge
  • Audio recording device
What you will learn
  • Master newspaper interviews
  • Control Online news interviews
  • Understand the fundamentals of media interviews
  • Create Media Messages
  • Understand the process of answering questions in media interviews
  • Learn how to make messages quotable
Number of Lectures: 44
Total Duration: 01:05:44
Before We Start, Here Is How To Get the Most Out of this Course
  • Your Questions Will Be Answered Here  
  • Who is TJ Walker?  
  • If You Like to Learn by Reading  
You Can Get Exactly What You Want Into the Final Story
  • How to Make a Reporter Happy, but Make Yourself Even Happier  
Here Is How You Develop a Media Strategy for the Interview
  • Framing a Winning Media Message  
  • How to Answer all the Basic Questions, Before the Reporter Has to Ask Them  
  • Media Messages Must be Interesting to Reporters  
  • Media Messages Must Resonate with Media Audience  
  • Your Media Message Needs to Benefit You  
  • Three is the Perfect Number of Media Messages  
  • Media Messages using a Venn Diagram  
  • Have a Positive Media Message  
  • Add Quantifiable Results to Your Media Message  
  • What Problem are you solving, Media Message  


    Write down your three message points.

Answering Questions in a media Interview
  • How to Answer Questions in a Media Interview Overview  
  • Answer One Question at a Time  
  • Keep Your Eyes on Your Message Points  
  • Do Not Repeat Negative Words from a Reporter  
  • Tell Reporters 'I Don't Know'  
  • Always Be Moving toward Your Message Points  
  • Give Brief Answers to Tough Questions  
  • Aim for All Three Messages In Every Answer  
  • Re-Write the Reporter's Questions in Media Interviews  
  • Don't Add One more thing at the End of the Interview  
  • Don't try to Control the Interview  


    Have a colleague or freind conduct a practice interview with you. Record the interview using hte audio or memo record function from your phone or a computer. Answer questions and bridge back to message points in every answer. Listen to the audio and critique your answers.

Speaking in Sound Bites
  • What is a Sound Bite Overview  
  • Sound Bites Bold Action Words  
  • Sound Bites Reporters Love Cliches  
  • Sound Bites Emotion  
  • Sound Bites Give Specific Examples  
  • Sound Bites Absolutes  
  • Sound Bites Attacks  
  • Sound Bite Tools Humor  
  • Sound Bite Tools Rhetorical Questions  
  • Sound Bite Tools Analogies  
  • Sound Bite Tools Pop Culture References  
  • Three Easiest Sound Bite Tools  
  • Reflections on Sound Bites  


    Have a colleague or friend conduct a practice interview with you. Record the interivew with an audio/memo recorder on your phone or computer. Answer every question, bridge to message points and use sound bites thoughout the interview. Listen to your audio and grade yourself.

  • The 5 Outcomes of Every Media Interview  
  • Feedback  
  • Conclusion  
Bonus Reading
  • Media Training A to Z  
  • Media Training Success  
  • 1001 Ways to Wow the Media  
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